Allie Nokes

United States

Home Office Staff - Director of COmmunications

Allie joined Global Outreach International in 2015. She worked as an executive assistant for many years, as well as having worked in accounting & inventory control. She held real estate licenses in Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama. Allie grew up in Mississippi, but has lived for the past 15 years in Gulf Shores, Alabama, working for Columbia Southern University.

She handles all the aspects of newsletters from proofing to print. She also maintains our extensive data base. “If your name is not on one of our missionaries' mailing lists, it should be. There are some amazing stories being told by our missionaries.” She is also involved with the training of our new missionaries during Mission Orientation Training (MOT).   

“This is an exciting time to be a part of spreading the Word of God around the globe and at home.” She had the opportunity to visit GO missionaries in Jinja, Uganda, in Africa, this year and found just how true that is. She says it changed her whole view towards missionary ministries. "They are all incredible and have such joy in the work they do for God. It was a great experience to see how different ministries come together." Putting a face and personality to the missionaries she works with through emails has helped to really bring their newsletters to life. Allie says she also picked up a new name while in Uganda, ”Jaja” (grandmother), as she was called very often by the Ugandan people. Allie looks forward to visiting more missionaries on the field as opportunities arrive.

Allie felt God’s hand in her decision to move from the coast of Alabama to north Mississippi. “I love being near my family now. Life is good and if God has a hand in it, life can be awesome!” She is excited to come to work every day and is lucky to have a great staff to work with at the home office. “More red thread and less red tape” is a motto she is starting to embrace. A world without boundaries or barriers to our faith is one we all should strive for.   If you are in the Tupelo area, stop by the office and meet the staff at Global Outreach International.

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