Bibles for the Islands in Uganda

The Ayer family lives and serves with Global Outreach Uganda in Jinja. Maija Ayer recently decided that she wanted to raise money to buy Bibles for residents of the islands on Lake Victoria. These are remote islands without access to basic infrastructure and health care, and full of people created in God's image but living in bondage to fear because of witchcraft. Global Outreach missionaries are working to bring the Word of God to these islands!

Maija decided to write a letter to their home church, Lake City, asking for help to raise money for Bibles for the islands. Here's Maija:

And here's Maija's letter (text below):

"Hello my name is Maija. I wanted to tell you something about the Islands of Lake Victoria. Well, I was going to save up for a purse, but I felt like Jesus was saying, 'You don't need that.' Then I thought, 'Well, then what should I save up for?' Then I felt a peace come over me and felt like Jesus just said, "The Islands." Then I knew. I knew what I was supposed to pray for – the Islands. I felt like Jesus was telling me to save up for Bibles for the Islands of Hope. I found a tissue box and made it into a piggy bank. Because all things are possible with God. And I was wondering if you guys at Lake City could help by praying and sending money for the Bibles. 1 Bible costs about $8.00 each. Right now we have almost $100 and we need to raise $130 more to buy a box of 30 Bibles. Miss you guys so much! Maybe you could visit us sometime! Love you guys so much! Love, Maija Hope Ayer"

Their home church responded in a huge way! Here's their reply:

What a blessing to help bring bibles to Hope Island!  We are sending $413.15 your way raised by the VBS kids.  Please use them for the Bibles and if there is excess just pray with Maija on the best way to use it to share Jesus!!  Miss and love you all, Niki

Want to help?

Click below and note in your donation that it's for Bibles for the Islands!