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Charlene Garrett

United States

director of coaching solutions and facilitator

Account #: 4851

Charlene holds a B.S. in Biology from Lee University, an MBA in International Human resources from the University of Dallas, and a certificate of Coach Mastery from Creative Results Management. She is a Leadership Beyond Boundaries alumnus through the Center for Creative Leadership and brings experience in US-based and international human resources, church-based young adult ministry, international community development, and executive coaching in both corporate and NGO contexts.

Charlene lived and worked in South Africa for four years with a faith-based NGO that was a part of the Willow Creek Association. She worked closely with pastors doing rural community development and trained young leaders interested in missions. Currently she lives in Nashville, where she helped a church found a ministry school and was until recently integral to the school’s ongoing operations.

Charlene joins Global Outreach as Director of Coaching Solutions and Facilitator. In this role, she uses her coaching platform, Aaron’s Hands, to help Global Outreach better fulfill its mission: to exalt Christ and engage people in mission by proclaiming the Gospel, doing good, and equipping the Church. Missionaries, pastors, and ministry volunteers in all contexts need resilience, emotional intelligence, and coaching to help them navigate a volatile world. The Holy Spirit uses Charlene’s gifts and calling to equip believers through intentional coaching so that they can be better stewards of the ministry responsibilities God has given them.