Watch videos from Made for Mission 2016

What is a MET Talk? MET stands for mission, evangelism, and theology. Through our conferences we hope to strengthen the Church by engagement with challenging, biblical, and missions-focused content.

Carolyn Jacobsen and her husband Bob are missionaries to Uganda. In her MET Talk, Carolyn tells the story of God's surprising way of bringing them to Uganda and challenges believers to look around them for ways the Spirit is working in their everyday lives.

Rory Tyer is VP of Marketing for Global Outreach. In his MET Talk, Rory explains what "Made for Mission" means from Scripture. The Bible teaches that all believers are "called," first in creation and then in the Great Commission; Jesus' faithfulness makes our response possible.

Steve Tybor is founder and president of Eight Days of Hope, a Tupelo-based disaster response organization. In his MET Talk, Steve tells stories of volunteers whose seemingly "ordinary" jobs led to amazing encounters with God--just because they decided to show up and help.


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