Dave and Meredith Alexander


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Dave and Meredith Alexander and John, Josiah, and Jacob serve at Hospital Loma De Luz, located on the northern coast of Honduras near Balfate, Colon. Dave is a general surgeon and serves with the rest of the hospital staff to provide high quality medical care in a rural area with limited access to care. Meredith serves as a teaching assistant at El Camino, a bilingual school run by the Cornerstone Foundation, in addition to homeschooling their four children. Dave, Meredith, the "3 J's" and Ella Kate are excited to to be a small part of the Lord's work in Honduras through the Cornerstone Foundation, summarized here: "The vision of Loma de Luz is one of a diverse community of Christian believers cooperating to provide medical care and a constant, present, on-going hearing of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of the north coast of Honduras...."

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