Glen and Linda Erickson


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Glen and Linda Erickson joined the Global Outreach Team in Haiti in March 2011. Glen had a varied career that included owning a trucking business, being a diesel mechanic, and operating a farm in Colorado. Linda worked as a RN for 30+ years. Her experience as a float RN gave her valuable training. God used life training and mission trips to prepare them for ministry in Haiti. Glen and Linda came to Titayen Haiti with a team in 2009. They knew that week that God called them to return. They spent March to June 2010 in Haiti listening for God's direction, attended Missionary Orientation Training in Tupelo, and committed to move to Haiti as soon as possible. God blessed them as they were able to return to Haiti in March 2011. Linda works in the burn clinic, supports the activites of the compund, and works in the office. Glen works on vehicles, works with children, and helps with well repair. Both are involved with the teams that come to Haiti.

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