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Update: Support John Craig's Car Fund

John has bought his ticket and is moving to Rwanda on March 1! But he needs your help to purchase a vehicle once he arrives. If you're interested in helping out with a one-time contribution towards his car fund, please choose an option below. 

If mailing a check, address to Global Outreach International, P.O. Box 1, Tupelo, MS 38802, and do not put John Craig's name on the check - put account #4646 or "car fund." Thank you for your partnership!

John's Story

I plan to move to Kigali Rwanda as soon as I raise financial support and use the skills I’ve learned in 30 years of business to assist the Anglican Church in becoming financially self sustaining.  While the Anglican Church is involved in a number of ministries including education through daycares and schools, feeding programs and Church planting, it is severely constrained by limited funds and by being materially dependent on the Church in America for the funding of Church ministries.

In Kenya, the Anglican Church has been successful in creating an umbrella company called the Church Commissioners of Kenya.  This company operates several profit making businesses, and the profit from these businesses finances the ministries of the Church.  This approach generates several million dollars a year for Anglican Church ministries in Kenya.  The intent is to establish a similar company with a similar goal and outcome in Rwanda.

This initiative is called Walk With Rwanda.  Brandon Walsh, a young Anglican priest, oversees this initiative.  In addition, he serves as the Ambassador for the Archbishop of Rwanda and manages other ministries in nutrition and education through a ministry called Hope of a Thousand Hills.  

He needs help.  I will become a part of the Walk With Rwanda team to help with the execution of the project.  He will continue to head the project, but I will pick up much of the day to day execution and expansion.

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