John Craig


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John's Story

I live in Kigali Rwanda and work for the Anglican Archbishop of Rwanda, Onesphore Rwaje. His office serves 1.1 million Rwandans in 2,300 local churches.

I am Executive Director of a for profit company, owned by the Church, called Rwandan Anglican Capital Investments, Ltd. It is a company that invests in various business ventures to generate profits to fund Church ministries. We currently have three areas of investment:

Real Estate

We are in the process of building a five story commercial building in the Remera business district of Kigali, the capital. The building will be rented for retail space (lower floors) and offices (upper floors). This building will contribute significant rental income to the Church budget.


A subsidiary of the holding company is Catalyst Consulting. This company provides general management consulting to companies in Rwanda and beyond to help them improve their business efficiencies.


We have a pilot agricultural venture with an NGO partner, Procom. Procom is the largest provider of clean water in Rwanda. They also have agricultural ventures. We are partnering with them to grow bananas as a cash crop.

Revenue from these ventures funds the national Anglican Church. Their involvement in Rwanda is far reaching, including establishing preschools, running nutritional programs for children, providing theological training and planting new churches.

I am grateful to live in a beautiful country with beautiful people and to use my skills from 35 years in business to bless the Anglican Church in Rwanda and to leave a legacy for the Kingdom.

Thank you for supporting John's work for the glory of God!