Dozens of missionaries and missionary couples serve around the world through Global Outreach. Below you'll find a short biographical sketch of our missionaries, find ways to support them financially and contact them, and see links to their websites to gain more information. Looking for a specific continent? Just click on the quick links below. Or, if you know the last name of the missionary you're looking for, scroll down the list below left, click on their name, and go immediately to their biography.


Claudia Arango

ArangoClaudia's objective is to help care for the children at the Good Shepherd's Fold Orphanage, reaching them with the love of Jesus Christ and helping them to grow in His knowledge. Her current involvement is overseeing the accounting department at the orphanage and teaching Sunday School to second- and third-graders.



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Dave and Julie Ayer

The AyersThe Ayer family, Dave and Julie, Ella (8), Caleb (6), Maija (4), Riah (3), and Evie (2), has a deep passion and desire to KNOW Jesus and to love others in His Name. They are stepping forward in the year ahead to follow the call God has placed on their lives to GO, to LOVE, and to SERVE His children in Soddo, Ethiopia. They will be partnering with Soddo Christian Hospital. Dave will be serving as SCH's first pediatrician. Julie will continue her ministry of shepherding and homeschooling their five children, as well as ministering to orphans and widows.



Tom and Sharon Batley

The BatleysTom and Sharon are from Greensboro, N.C., and look forward to joining the team at Good Shepherd's Fold Children's Home and Primary School in Uganda in late 2012. Tom's primary role will be to oversee the maintenance of the property and buildings. He will seek to develop opportunities to teach them trade skills that will enable them to earn a living when they transition to life outside of GSF. His heart is to disciple the young boys and men to live God honoring lives. Sharon's primary role will be Short Term Team and visitor coordination. Sharon's heart is to encourage and disciple the young girls and women that live and serve at GSF. Tom and Sharon both have a heart for mercy ministries.

Rhonda Baxter

Rhonda BaxterRhonda is a missionary in Kenya, East Africa, working with the Maasai tribe in the Great Rift Valley. The scope of her ministry includes adult literacy; drilling boreholes for clean, safe water; and working with a group of local pastors. The goal of her ministry, Starfish Charities, is making a difference, one life at a time. As Starfish Charities works with the communities through local pastors in areas of literacy, Biblical studies, and evaluation of their areas of influence, they facilitate various training opportunities to help the pastors help their people improve their lives physically, but, more importantly, spiritually.

Sem and Eunice Beasnael

The BeasnaelsAs the only Christian institution of higher learning serving French-speaking Central Africa, evangelization is included within the daily curriculum. The school has been equipping leaders who spread the Gospel and become self-supporting, negating the need for government subsidy for public services. This University provides training in modern agriculture, rural economics and animal husbandry, with the intent of raising the standard of living for the poor.

Joe and Karyn Bridges

The BridgesWe partner with a grass-roots Ethiopian ministry that rescues children from the streets, restores them to families, and rebuilds aspects of those families that led the children to the streets in the first place. Our main role is to encourage the Ethiopian team, equipping them for their challenging ministry through program development and training. The Lord has specifically given us a vision to help refine the informal foster care program that is currently being used, strengthening it so it begins to offer family-less children with the permanency they truly need to develop as they should. It’s through the tangible acts of compassion that we are privileged to provide that we are seeing many children come to understand and embrace the Gospel.


Jonathan and Jess Bridges

The BridgesJonathan and Jess Bridges live and serve in the southern highlands of Ethiopia in the small town of Chencha. Through a partnership with an Ethiopian organization, Onesimus Children Development Association, Jonathan has helped start an agriculture project. The project's aim is to provide revenue for Onesimus's work with street children in Addis Ababa and to help empower rural farmers, all with an ultimate goal to help spread the gospel of Christ. They have two children Dawit (5) and Carter Emebet (1).


Seth and Rebecca Brill

The BrillsSeth and Rebecca Brill will be serving in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in West Africa beginning in the summer of 2013. The Brills will be leading WIRED youth ministry. WIRED exists to disciple English speaking Christians and send them out to spread the gospel among their peers. The Brills will also be working with other local missionaries on two different projects. The first is to minister to at-risk women and girls at a newly built women's shelter located in the city. The second is to minister and share the Gospel with unreached people groups in villages located outside the capitol city.





James and Marilyn Bumgarner

The BumgarnersJames and Marilyn Bumgarner served at Good Shepherd’s Fold Orphanage from 2002 until 2006. During that time they worked on the property preaching, teaching, running the health clinic and the agriculture program. Also, they became involved in helping the students who left the orphanage complete their education, in high school, vocational school, and university. We have assisted 12 to finish university with 3 still in classes; 25 have finished high school with 4 remaining in classes, and 10 have completed vocational training. One student is currently in medical school and one is beginning medical school in the fall. They continue to assist these students through donations and sponsorship even though they had to return to the U.S. due to health problems. They have made three trips to Uganda to oversee this ministry since relocating to the U.S.

Chi and Sandy Chung

The ChungsThe Chungs are Global Outreach missionaries serving in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Sandy teaches at the International Community School (ICS Addis) where Olivia and Nathan attend school. Chi serves with the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (www.paacs.net) which trains and disciples Christian surgeons who will go on to serve in their home countries in Africa. The PAACS residency program in Ethiopia is based at the Soddo Christian Hospital (SCH) and the Myungsung Christian Medical Center (MCM), where Chi serves as the PAACS site director and assistant program director.

Jim and Diane Clair

The ClairsThe Clairs have ministered in Africa since 1976 and are based in Uganda along the Nile River. Jim is founder and President of Alpha-Omega Seminary (1990), a school specializing in training men actively serving in ministry; AOS objectives: Building Christ-like Character, Imparting Biblical Knowledge, Developing Ministry Skills. AOS awards an accredited degree in theology. Diane is Chief Administrator of Riverside Academy, an international Christian school which she founded in 1999. Favored by expatriates and locals for its high academic standard and good morals, the Riverside family is a mixture of different races, cultures, and religions that is regularly exposed to a Christian witness. Says Diane: “The value of our school was well attested to when I met in town one of our Riverside parents, a Muslim businessman from Somalia. Expressing gratitude for educating his children, he said loud enough for all to hear, ‘God bless Riverside Academy, and God bless America!’”

Hannah Cowfer

Hannah CowferDuring my time in Ethiopia, I will be partnering with The Forsaken Children. While living with Jonathan and Jessica Bridges (also part of Global Outreach), I will be teaming up with Jess in order to spread the gospel through the education of the children in the village. I will work specifically as an educator with my main focus being teaching English by using the Bible. While there I will be living in community with those I will be serving which will allow for me to connect with them on a deeper level. I will also work alongside The Forsaken Children in their efforts to sustain their partner organization Onesimus -- an organization established to bring lasting hope to the street children of Addis Ababa.”


Curtis, Toby and Cherie

The CurtisesToby and Cherie Curtis along with their daughter, Twila, have been called to serve in the Copperbelt Region of Zambia. They are partnering with the Chande Orphanage in Kitwe to provide revenue in order to rescue street children and bring them into the security of the Orphanage. This vital link empowers the Orphanage to feed, clothe, shelter, educate and ultimately share with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Toby and Cherie are heading up the Chande Farm Project to supply this revenue as well as work with the local farmers to develop skills, share the Gospel and disciple believers.


Robert and Brandi Day

The DaysThe Lord called the Day family, Robert, Brandi, Colbey (16) and Hannah (12) to the Chande Baptist Orphanage in Kitwe, Zambia as part of the Chande Medical Project. God has given a vision for a medical project that delivers medical care and discipleship to the orphans and poor of Kitwe. Robert, as a family physician, is joined by Andy Ott,a nurse, to establish a clinic that addresses healthcare needs while developing relationships to show His love, to share His truth and hope, and to make disciples of Jesus Christ. We will also be focusing on training the national community leaders in community health evangelism and village health worker strategies to empower the Zambians in building a sustainable basic health care system for the community. Brandi is called to women's and children's ministry and will be homeschooling our children. The Days have completed support raising and plan to move to Kitwe by September 2014.

Pete and Trish DuBrule

The DuBrulesAfter three years of teaching rural church leaders at the Njeleka Mission Centre in Luapula Province, Pete and Trish are now working at the Samfya Bible School, on the shores of Lake Bangweulu in Northern Zambia. Samfya Bible School is committed to equipping rural church leaders who have little access to resources or instruction in their own language. Rapid evangelism and church planting with inadequate discipleship has led to syncretism, legalism and minimal levels of biblical knowledge within the church. Most people in these rural areas are subsistence farmers and cannot leave their farms and families to attend Bible school. Pete and Trish are helping the school develop an outreach program that will bring solid biblical teaching directly to where the people are. They will also assist with instruction on campus and will help develop income-generating projects for the school. "…and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. 2 Timothy 2:2" More details can be found at our website, linked below.

Diana Ferrell

The FerrellsDiana Ferrell is a Global Outreach International missionary living and working in Jinja, Uganda, East Africa. She has been serving in Uganda for the past nine years. When she came in 2002, Diana took over two ministries for a retiring missionary, Dorothy Ferris. One ministry is to the rural women of Uganda called Christian Women Working in Communities (CWWC). Much of the support Diana raises funds CWWC to teach the women about God's love while sharing information such as basic hygiene, food presparation, gardening, childcare, and other topics, to assist the Ugandan women on how to improve their families’ lives. The other ministry is the Jinja Children's Clinic which is the outpatient department of the children's ward of the Jinja hospital. Diana raises support to provide medicine and staff salaries for the OPD.
In nine years, both of these ministries have seen tremendous growth and change. She and her team are now working in the West Nile Region of Uganda which boarders Southern Sudan and Congo known as the Moyo District. In 2010, Diana and her team trained 67 women through CWWC in Moyo District and a second class of 56 is training there now. She is now giving aid to the Moyo Hospital's Children's Ward. Diana's plans are to continue to work in the Northern Uganda to help with women's training through Christian Women Working in Communities and helping the local government hospitals in their children's wards. Other areas of Uganda where she has worked in the past will not be forgotten as the Lord leads and provides for more training schools and a helping hand to the government children wards.

David and Lisa Fish

The FishesDavid and Lisa Fish, along with their children, moved to Uganda in the summer of 2013 to join the team of missionaries at Good Shepherd's Fold. Their primary ministry is teaching the children of the missionaries, but they also enjoy showing the love of Jesus to the kids who live at GSF and to their neighbors in the village of Buundo.



Cody and Katie Fox

The FoxesCody and Katie Fox will be serving at Good Shepherd’s Fold childrens' home and primary school. Cody is going as a teacher to the missionary kids, and Katie will be serving as the ministry's special needs coordinator. They desire to support and serve the missionaries already there, increase understanding through education, and encourage the body of believers where He has called them to live.



John and Rebecca Fulks

The FulksJohn and Rebecca have been serving the Lord in Uganda since 1999. They have five children: Johnny, Jacob, Lynnsi, Aaron, and Benjamin. John is currently the President of the Global Theological Seminary (GTS) in Jinja, Uganda. GTS is a non-denominational school committed to equipping pastors and church leaders for the ministry of preaching and teaching the Bible. There are three programs: Global Bible Institutes, a one-year Bible certificate taught in the local villages in the local language by GTS graduates; GTS Three-Year Advanced Diploma, taught on the campus; GTS Bachelor of Arts Degree, created to equip students to become more qualified teachers of the Word of God in training other pastors and church leaders.



Mark and Amy Gwartney

The GwartneysMark and Amy Gwartney serve at Good Shepherd's Fold orphanage in Uganda, GSF is now a multi-faceted ministry sitting on 100+ acres of land which is a place of refuge for many hurting people in Uganda. Mark and Amy moved with their three children (Caralina, Megan, and Titus) to GSF in 2008. Mark is team leader and loves teaching the staff and local pastors how to study the word of God. Amy directs Child care, encouraging, discipling and training the mothers. The Gwartney family lives on the GSF campus with a desire to see many other children brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

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Steadman and Alyssa Harrison

Alyssa HarrisonAlyssa Harrison is a full-time teacher with Bingham Academy, an international Christian school located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with more than 250 students from 40 plus countries. Alyssa teaches Bible and English for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Steadman is an ordained elder of International Evangelical Church in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. IEC is planting a church South of Addis Ababa in Debre Zeit at Genesis Farms where Steadman preaches and leads worship each month. Ongoing leadership development work includes training of Ethiopian Theological College students and faculty as well as youth work with Christian Children’s Fund, Onesimus Street Children’s Ministry, World Vision, and many of the Christian NGOs headquartered in Ethiopia. The Harrison family launched a support project with the Huligeb Center for the Blind in Ethiopia and utilizes U.S.-sponsored financial support to care for the 70 plus disabled employees of the Huligeb Center. Activities include life-skills training, evangelism, business planning, and basic life needs support.

Ruthie Howard

Ruthie HowardRuthie Howard began serving with Shepherd's Heart International Ministry (SHIM) in January 2010. SHIM is based on Lingira Island on Lake Victoria in southern Uganda and its primary outreach is to the approximately 52 islands in the Buvuma Island chain. Ruthie's main focus is serving as coordinator for SHIM's Child Development program, which helps provide school fees and holistic development to about 60 students, including those in primary and up to vocational school or university. She also teaches weekly computer classes to students of Lingira Living Hope Secondary School, leads a weekly girls' Bible study at the school, is beginning one-on-one discipleship with the girl students; teaches on occasion in the local church, and assists SHIM with communication and hospitality. God is doing transformational work in the islands of Lake Victoria, and Ruthie feels privileged to play some small part in it.




Corinne Stoltzfus Iya

Corinne StoltzfusCorinne is moving to Good Shepherd's Fold orphanage in Jinja, Uganda. The purpose and vision of GSF is evangelizing the orphan and destitute children of Uganda with the good news of Jesus Christ, while also providing for their physical, educational and medical needs. Corinne's position on the GSF team is the Sponsorship Coordinator. Other roles include managing craft sales, teaching Sunday School, and a host of other opportunities to interact with the children at GSF.



Bob and Carolyn Jacobsen

The JacobsensThis ministry advocates for the Good Shepherds Fold (GSF) young adults who have aged out of GSF. These young adults need help transitioning to the “real” world outside of GSF. Having helped raise many of these kids for over five years, our desire is to see these young adults continue in the way they were taught at GSF with a Christ-centered worldview. Our work involves mentoring, micro-finance, apprenticeships, internships and general advocacy. This ministry also includes an outreach called the Jinja Pregnancy Care Center. This part of the ministry currently cares for over 42 young women and their babies. Many of these young women are teenagers, unmarried and ostracized. They are not cared for by the community or their families. Some are HIV+, some have been thrown out of school, and most live on next to nothing. This ministry encourages these young women to keep their babies and to love them. Our goal is to prevent orphans! We teach the ladies health and hygiene and bible study. The women are given food, counseling, love and encouragement. As a side note, the center has also drawn in street kids who find it a safe, clean haven to play, color, and get sweeties!

Mark and Allison Karnes

The KarnesesThe Karnes' are working at Soddo Christian Hospital in Ethiopia teaching, mentoring, and training Christian African doctors to become surgeons. They hope to improve the obstetrical and gynecological health care of women by facilitating safe childbirth and to promote a fistula prevention center. They hope to utilize English as a second language to mentor Ethiopian students and help them know the King and grow the Kingdom of God.



Elijah and Janeth Koske

The KoskesThey Koske's have pastor trainings going on in three different locations. Two of them are offering Diplomas and one, which was started January this year, is a Bachelor of Arts program from from Luther Rice University in Lithonia, Georgia. There are pastors who have graduated from the schools taking care of four new churches in Masai Land. The orphans' program is overwhelming; they are too many and there is no children's home in place yet. The Koske's are just visiting them to pray with them and to see what they need, although they do not have silver and gold, but Jesus. Pray for the orphans' ministry, Bible school teachers, and for the Koske's and their children.

Monique Ladosz

Monique LadoszMonique's ministry extends to many of the people in Rwanda and Uganda. Currently there are 58 projects in Rwanda and 91 projects in Uganda. The widows are being taught skills to earn money to support themselves and their families, youth are being provided seminars and camps and receive Bibles, children are taught in ministries much like Vacation Bible Schools. There is a street children's ministry. Some have been sent to University, paid for by the funds generated throughout the ministry. Others have been taught skills such as sewing, card-making, and basket weaving which are sold on the ministry's website. The ministry has projects for providing funds within the countries, such as making bricks and roof tiles, and working on a banana, peanut, and sunflower plantation. The Gospel is presented to young people, widows, and children and many have accepted Jesus as their Savior and will be rejoicing with all of us when we are all together with our Savior and Lord.

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Roma Marshall

Roma MarshallRoma serves the Surgical Ward of the Jinja Regional Referral Hospital and the Laboratory of Rippon Clinic. She is a consultant to short-term nurses at Good Shepherd's Fold Orphanage. She teaches health-related subjects to women and teen girls in remote villages. Her other interests include assisting remote village clinics with medicines for infants and children.



Steve and Daria Mayotte

The MayottesSteve and Daria Mayotte are missionaries to Pollsmoor Prison in Cape Town, South Africa. Their primary ministry focus is investing in the lives of the correctional officials of the prison's Medium A facility. While working in association with All Nations and Hope Prison Ministry, Steve and Daria build relationships with the wardens through a variety of avenues and disciple the officers in small groups as well as individually, seeking also to plant "simple churches" among the officers through the process. Their vision is to reach the inmates by first ministering into the lives of the officers and discipling them to be the catalysts for bringing about transformation in the prison through Christ. Additionally, Steve works with small groups of inmates in the adult men's Medium B prison through the Restorative Justice program.



Stephen and Esther Napier

The NapiersStephen and Esther, along with their four boys, began serving in Uganda, East Africa in 2011 after being missionaries in rural Alaska for nine years. From Jinja, Uganda, the Napiers are engaged in training leaders within the national church. Their specific focus is on discipling local pastors, training workers for children's ministries, and helping village churches start Christian schools. Stephen also serves teaching at Global Theological Seminary. Overall their focus is to enable and equip local leadership for the long-term growth and effectiveness of East Africa's local churches.


Annelise Olson

Annelise OlsonThe medical ministry in Angola is centered at the Centro Evangelico de Medicina do Lubango. I work as a general surgeon, providing surgical care and sharing Christ's love with the people of Angola. Our hope is to build up the hospital to that it can serve as a training site for Angolan surgeons.





Andy and Jennifer Ott

The OttsThe Lord has called the Otts to join the Chande Medical Project in Kitwe, Zambia, and work alongside Dr. Robert and Brandi Day. The Chande Medical Project is a new medical ministry that will support the Chande Baptist Orphanage, an indigenous work of several churches in the second-largest city in Zambia. Andy will be supporting Robert as a nurse, and Jennifer will be home-schooling their four children while supporting the ministry at the orphanage. The Otts have begun building a ministry investment team and plan to be on the field by the end of 2014.



Bob and Michelle Peterson

The PetersonsBob and Michelle Peterson, and their four children (Janae, Joshua, Jon and Josiah), serve Uganda through Shepherd’s Heart International Ministry. SHIM’s heart is to advance God’s Kingdom in the Buvuma islands of Lake Victoria through transforming communities and empowering indigenous leaders to minister effectively among their own people. Bob served God in the pulpit for many years and now works with SHIM’s Discipleship and Evangelism Ministries as well as Family Ministries. He is currently developing a pastoral training curriculum, one not based on textbooks; rather, one which reaches the pastors through biblical storying orally with life application. Michelle’s primary responsibility is in homeschooling their children. For SHIM, her current focus is sharing her home as opportunity arises, although she often joins Bob in teaching on marriage and parenting with the Family Ministry Team. The family also visits the SHIM base on Lingira Island and shares Jesus with the local village children.

Jon and Bekah Pollock

The PollocksJon and Bekah Pollock are teachers, trainers, educators, called to invest in the next generation, whether it is the next generation of Christian surgeons in Ethiopia, the future of surgical care in Ethiopia and beyond, or the next generation of global citizens. For Jon, this means training Ethiopian surgeons with the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons at Soddo Christian Hospital and Myungsung Christian Medical Center. For Bekah, this means teaching missionary and other expatriot kids at Bingham Academy and helping to form and shape a biblical and global worldview.

Tracey Rzepka

Tracey RzepkaTracey Rzepka is a nurse-practitioner who has been serving in Africa since 1997 when she completed a Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Her outreach for this course took place in Soroti, Uganda. Since then she has been to Africa many times for up to a year at a time serving in many different areas of Uganda as well as short term trips to Botswana, DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), Zambia, and Zimbabwe. In all of these areas, her main focus has been HIV Training. Most recently, she has been training church leaders how to prevent HIV, counsel those affected by the virus, and care for others physically and spiritually. At present, her plan is to travel to Africa for one month per year while working as a parish nurse full-time in Sarasota, Florida, where she lives.

Andrew and Karina Smith

The SmithsAndrew and Karina, along with children David and Johnathan, work in the Buvuma Islands of Lake Victoria, Uganda. Transforming lives from the inside out is the heart of everything they do. Together with their Ugandan and American team members, they work in the following areas:
• Village Water Projects - The Lake Victoria Pure Water and Sanitation Project
• Child Development - The Lingira Living Hope Secondary School, Child Sponsorships
• Healthcare - Namiti Island Clinic (in partnership with YWAM)
• Economic Development - Small business seminars, Women's Handcrafts, Farming/Animal Husbandry
• Family Life seminars and counseling
• Basic Pastoral training and evangelistic outreaches

Gordon and Ellyn Sturgeon

The SturgeonsGordon and Ellyn will be working in water and widows ministries in Uganda. Gordon will map groundwater resources, so that nongovernmental organizations and water sector businesses will have a better idea of where to drill their wells. As funding permits and opportunities arise, he will also test well water quality to verify whether or not a well was constructed properly and the water is safe to drink. The groundwater program will provide many opportunities to share our faith when visiting villages to map and test the water. Ellyn will assist Gordon with the water program and reach out to widows in our local community.



Robb and Sheila Warfield

The WarfieldsRobb and Sheila Warfield and their three children (sons Avery (2000) and Hayden (2003) and daughter Avalyn (2002)) will be living and serving at Good Shepherd's Fold Orphanage and Primary School in Uganda, Africa. Robb's responsibilities include overseeing the Christian primary school as well as the education for the secondary students and post-secondary students who have lived at GSF. Also, Robb will direct the mercy ministry outreach programs to the local villagers (including two feeding programs, one for local malnourished children and another to a number of the elderly who live within walking distance of the property).


Michael and Katherine Grant

The GrantsOur focus is partnering with churches for training in personal evangelism and discipleship. Our vision is to mentor leaders that are serving at their churches and supporting their pastors. We are involved with the urban poor and to conduct beneficial food distribution or feeding programs as part of our present ministry. We are training churches to facilitate Bible studies using a story telling method called "Simply the Story." By using this method we can reach the Illiterates with the Gospel, among the urban poor. Our prayer is to someday establish Global Outreach as an official mission entity in the Philippines. Matthew 25:40 says, "And the King will answer and say to them, 'Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.'"


Mark and Harumi Kane

The KanesMark and Harumi Kane are excited about working with Rev. and Mrs. Hisashi Hattori in Nagoya, Japan. We will work at Fujigaoka Church doing student ministry, Bible studies, preaching, mother’s circle, evangelism, and Hospitality. We need your prayer and financial support. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” We want to be a shining light to this part of the world.






Ash and Risa Miller

The MillersAsh and Risa have four children (Hannah, Josie, Noah, and Micah) and worked more than seven years in the Middle East. They recently returned home due to a complication with their fourth child, Micah, who had surgery to correct a major heart defect when he was five days old. Because of this, they will not be returning to the Middle East. Instead, they will go to Risa’s home country of Japan. Their ministry in the Tokyo area will focus on encouraging and training local believers in outreach and evangelism for the purpose of planting new churches.

Richard and Diane Orozco

The OrozcosWe are Mission Project Coordinators (MPC's), meaning that we work from the USA to help ministries in countries where we have served as missionaries. We are also involved in a business manufacturing and distributing Tuffseal throughout the world, trusting that God will use this endeavor to produce funds for the Kingdom. Tuffseal is a long lasting, environmentally friendly overlay used primarily to preserve pavement on roads, bridges, runways, parking lots--anywhere asphalt or concrete is used.




Chris and Sheryl Brumley

The BrumleysChris and Sheryl Brumley have been missionaries to Haiti with Global Outreach International since 2003. Chris is the country coordinator for Global Outreach in Haiti and is the compound manager. He is also a Bible teacher and loves sharing God's Word. Sheryl is an R. N. and heads up a burn clinic on the compound and assists with teams and the running of the compound and programs. Their teenage son Joshua is very active in the ministry. They have two other sons in the States, Jonathan and his wife Molly in Greeley, Colorado, and college-son Jordan in Durango, Colorado.
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Casey Dean

Casey DeanCasey Dean will join Global Outreach Haiti in January 2014. As a Short Assignment Mission staff member, she will serve with the career missionary staff for a year. After one year, she will seek God's direction. Casey visited Haiti in 2001, from her home church, Walnut Memorial Baptist, in Owensboro, Kentucky. She's returned many times to serve in whatever capacity needed. Casey graduated from Lee University in Cleveland, TN, receiving a Bachelor's degree in Intercultural Studies and Master's of Arts in Teaching Special Education. Casey began working in Lee's Admissions Office in 2007 and most recently as Assistant Director of Admissions. Casey has a heart for the Haitian people. She will minister to not only physical needs, but also spiritual needs of those she encounters.


Glen and Linda Erickson

The DuBrulesGlen and Linda Erickson joined the Global Outreach Team in Haiti in March 2011. Glen had a varied career that included owning a trucking business, being a diesel mechanic, and operating a farm in Colorado. Linda worked as a RN for 30+ years. Her experience as a float RN gave her valuable training. God used life training and mission trips to prepare them for ministry in Haiti. Glen and Linda came to Titayen Haiti with a team in 2009. They knew that week that God called them to return. They spent March to June 2010 in Haiti listening for God's direction, attended MOT, and committed to move to Haiti as soon as possible. God blessed them as they were able to return to Haiti in March 2011. Linda works in the burn clinic, supports the activites of the compund, and works in the office. Glen works on vehicles, works with children, and helps with well repair. Both are involved with the teams that come to Haiti.


Sharron Etheridge

Sharron EtheridgeA nurse practitioner with Global Outreach Haiti since 1994. Primary emphasis of care is in the Burn Clinic, providing care to many children and adults with mild to severe burns. It is my heart's desire to show the "Love of Jesus" to each person as they are being treated. Many of our patients do not know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior prior to their becoming one of our patients. It takes months of daily burn treatments for them to heal. This is a perfect time to demonstrate God's love to both the patient and their families. In addition, leading Christian Women's Bible studies is something that I am passionate about and thoroughly enjoy. A third area of importance to me is teaching mothers how to prevent accidents and how to improve their children's health. I love to teach and Haitian mothers love to learn.


Patrick and Lisa Gunther

The GunthersMy wife, Lisa, and I are currently building our Ministry Investment Team. That is, a team of people who are willing to come along side us as partners through both prayer and financial support. We are preparing to follow the Lord’s calling to serve in St. Lucia, West Indies. We will be working together with another missionary couple who are St. Lucian Nationals. The West Indies Region is an area of spiritual depravity and of little hope. Our focus will be on church planting, church growth, evangelism, discipleship and education. We will be organizing and facilitating community outreach events; hosting short-term mission teams; evangelizing door-to-door, and sharing the love of Christ. We will also be serving within the existing framework of several ministries which include: men's and women's bible study and discipleship groups, bible clubs for the children and youth, soccer clubs, a thrift store, and a weekly radio program. Our long range team vision is to build a Bible College and Seminary. Our prayer is that St. Lucia will become a center for Christian training and education in the West Indies and throughout the Caribbean basin. In 1 Corinthians 12:14 the Apostle Paul says, "For in fact the Body is not one member but many." Please prayerfully consider partnering with us as we serve together for the sake of His Kingdom.


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David and Judy Heady

The HeadysDavid and Judy Heady have been missionaries to Haiti since 1983. Before coming to Haiti as career missionaries, the Heady’s lived in Owensboro KY and owned an electrical company as well as a sign manufacturing/erection business. Their first years in Haiti were spent working in the mountains of Haiti as volunteers with the Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board. In 1988 they joined Global Outreach International and began developing Global’s ministry in TiTanyen, Haiti.
In addition to serving as Directors of Global Outreach Haiti Mission, David serves on Global's Leadership Team and also as Regional Director for Global in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. The ministry in Haiti is multifaceted--meeting the needs of the total man with a commitment to feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and providing potable water to the thirsty. They have four schools: Kindergarten, Morning School, Afternoon School, and a Sewing and Cooking School. Each of these schools receives food each day. They have a feeding program for 62 elderly people. Well drilling is a very important part of the ministry as is keeping the well pumps maintained. There is a Burn Clinic on the GO compound. They also have a Child Sponsorship program. The ultimate objective of all these ministries is to point people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.
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Shane and Jennifer Imsland

The ImslandsShane and Jennifer Imsland, along with their children Austin (14), Sierra (12), and Landen (9), have served in Titanyen, Haiti for a year and will now be joining Global’s team in this same small community. Titanyen, which means ‘less than nothing’ in Creole, is an impoverished area with little hope or understanding of their value in Christ. The Imslands are excited to be able to continue to build on the relationships they have already established to impact Titanyen through discipleship and education. They will be doing this by partnering with GO Haiti in their many ministries; conference center, short term mission teams, burn clinic, feeding program, discipleship, well drilling, and soccer program.


Jay and Courtney Nelson

The NelsonsThe city of Sabaneta, Dominican Republic has been labeled as an unreached people group. That means less than 2 percent of the population are Evangelical Christian. They are a people in desperate need of a Savior. Our ministry exists to reach the lost and hurting in Sabaneta. We will be planting an evangelical church in Sabaneta so that we can point the people to Christ while we meet the physical needs of the community. We will reach the people of Sabaneta through sports ministries, small group Bible studies, ministering to Haitian Refugees, and evangelizing throughout the community with plans to establish a self-sustaining Dominican church. We are currently fundraising with a target move date of January 2015. We appreciate your prayers and support as we follow His call to the Dominican Republic.



Nicky and Kristie Runk

The RunksNicky and Kristie Runk are serving along with their two children in Haiti. They are from Hendersonville, North Carolina. Much earlier in their marriage God began preparing them specifically for the work in Haiti. Their first mission trip to Haiti was in 2001 where they led teams of young adults in life-changing experiences. In 2002, God called them into full-time work during a three month trip to Haiti and their hearts began to dream of serving the people there. After multiple trips, lots of prayer, a great deal of spiritual growth, and much work they are living out the Lord's calling. Nicky's years in the construction industry and farming, and his ability to fix most things is especially useful with serving God through many aspects of daily life in their current environment. Kristie previously worked in dental care. Her loving, giving nature along with her many skills are well used daily in service to the Lord. The opportunities in Haiti which they are involved in include well drilling, conference center, burn clinic, youth programs, elderly feeding program, schools, church building, evangelism and discipleship.


Barrett and Carrie Todd

The ToddsThe Todds are Barrett, Carrie, Braxton (16), Abbi (14), Brodie (11) and Anders (4). They are serving at Global Outreach Haiti and are Directors of Sport Disciple. Having many hands and feet, they assist with the numerous ministries including; Well Drilling, Conference Center, Burn Clinic, Youth Programs, Feeding Program, Schools, Evangelism and Discipleship. In addition to these amazing ministries the Todd’s are developing Sport Disciple, an international, multi-sport, Christian Discipleship program that raises a new generation of selfless Christian leaders to reach the nations for Christ through sports.


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Central America

Dave and Meredith Alexander

The AlexandersDave and Meredith Alexander and John(10),Josiah(8),and Jacob(5) will begin serving at Hospital Loma De Luz in Honduras in early 2014. They are currently living in Germany as David finishes serving in the US Army. The Alexanders are in the process of sharing the vision God has placed on their hearts and establishing a prayer and support team. David is a general surgeon and will join the hospital staff at Loma de Luz in providing quality medical care to the local Hondurans. Meredith will primarily focus on homeschooling their three children, but looks forward joining other ministry opportunities as the Lord leads. Dave and Meredith and the "3 J's" are excited to join the mission already at work there through the hospital and the Cornerstone foundation summarized here: "The vision of Loma de Luz is one of a diverse community of Christian believers cooperating to provide medical care and a constant, present, on-going hearing of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of the north coast of Honduras...."

James and Paula Anthony

The AnthonysCampo Yazu Minsitries shares the love of Jesus on the Mosquito Coast of Honduras. James and Paula have been missionaries with Global Outreach International since 1998 and currently are directors of Campo Yazu Ministries near Puerto Lempira, Honduras. James provides operation of and maintenance to the mission base facilities. He also ministers to staff and inmates in the village jail, placing Spanish Bibles into every hand who desires a copy of God's Word. James is also the coordinator/administrator for short-term mission construction and evangelistic teams. Paula operates the mission base clinic and works with the government hospital, district health department, and local physicians. She also provides health care when needed to two village orphanages. Paula will also be the facilitator/administrator of future medical and dental teams in remote villages of the Mosquito Coast of Honduras.

Ryan and Adriana Brooks

The BrooksRyan and Adriana Brooks along with their 10-year-old triplet children, Jordan, Jacob, and Nolan have been called to love and serve the people of Granada, Nicaragua. The Brooks have a deep desire to share the Word of God and the hope that lies in Jesus Christ with a people group suffering from government instability, illiteracy, deep poverty, and physical need. They hope to live out the word of Jesus in Matthew 28:19 to "…go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" while living out Matthew 25:42-45 where Jesus calls his followers to feed, give drink to, clothe, form relationships with, and look after the hungry, the thirsty, the sick, and the needy. Ryan and Adriana are in the process of sharing the vision God has placed in their hearts and establishing a prayer and financial/ministry support team. Before arriving in Nicaragua the Brooks need to raise 100% of their own support. They would love to share their vision and to help you discover how God would like to use you to fulfill His plan in Nicaragua. Please click on our Ministry Book link below for more information.


Stephen and Hollie Creel

The CreelsStephen and Hollie, along with their two sons, Chase and Cody, have been serving in Parras de la Fuente, Mexico since 2012. Their heart’s desire is working with the youth and children of Parras and the outlying villages. They also work closely with three local churches assisting in Vacation Bible Schools and other various programs. Each year they host a men’s conference, which focuses on discipleship. Their specific focus is to open Home of Hope, a children’s home for the abused and abandoned children of Parras and the surrounding villages. Living in a city known as “The Oasis of the Desert," they long to bring the Living Water to a dry and desert land.



Wilford and Dania Dilbert

Nancy CoxThe House of God (Casa de Dios) was founded in 1977 by Apostle Wilford and Annie Dilbert. Apostle W. Dilbert Senior went home to be with the Lord in 1993 and his wife went home to be with the Lord in 1999. When the founding Apostle W. Dilbert passed away, God raised up his oldest son Wilford, his wife Dania, along with their three children, Wilford III, Dania Kaylene, and William Dilbert to continue the work of the ministry. Our vision is to win Honduras for the Lord, through apostolic evangelism. We have founded and established 38 churches in different villages, mountains, and cities of Honduras. We are dedicated to winning the souls, then disciple them, and send them out to win the loss.


Ted and Maggie Faull

The FaullsInformation coming soon.






Jacob and Courtenay Folk

The FolksThe purpose of the Folk's ministry is to glorify God in Costa Rica by sharing His love and grace and making disciples of Jesus Christ with the Ticos on the Irazu volcano.




Neil and Tricia Hemelstrand

The HemelstrandsNeil and Tricia are missionaries to Belize and, specifically, to Belize Vo-Tech. Global Outreach Belize Vo-Tech operates as the ministry arm of Global Outreach Belize Ltd. They moved to Belize in December, 2012. Their ministries includes mentoring, teaching, maintenance and administration, but their primary focus is on teaching the students to be men of God. The Vo-Tech is a vocational boarding school for boys ages 14-18 who, because of family finances or low educational levels, are unable to attend high school. The school is a three-year program, during which the students study reading, math, Bible, Belizean studies, health, computer use, and tools. Beginning their second year they choose a trade of either auto mechanics or wood working and spend several hours a day in the shops. The school is located on approximately 80 acres, and raise and process their own chickens. They have a garden that the students help take care of and they also learn to do yard work, landscaping and forestry, as they work around the school property. Neil and Tricia's desire is to further develop the boy's skills by starting to train the students in plumbing and electrical areas. Throughout the year twelve to fourteen teams from the States are hosted. These teams work on construction projects, tutor and mentor the boys, and hold Bible schools in villages in the country of Belize, affording them and the school an opportunity to minister to the people of Belize.

Nick and Sara Johnson

The JohnsonsNick and Sara, along with their children Zoe (7), Caitlynn (5), and Gabriel (3), are originally from Casper, Wyoming, and are now serving with Global Outreach in Ciudad Guzmán, Mexico. They're working with students from the southern campus of the University of Guadalajara and other colleges in the area, sharing the Gospel through Bible studies and ESL classes. They're also working with local baptist churches in training, preaching, and church planting. Finally, they're serving in a camp ministry in the summers and working to establish new teaching points in nearby unreached towns.



Dan and Donna Letton

The LettonsWe plan to work with a local church in a town on the east coast, Bluefields, to help with transportation on the rivers. Our goal is to build a boat that can carry pastors, workers and medical teams to remote villages for the purpose of evangelism, church planting, and medical care. We will be living in Bluefields and working alongside a local pastor and his congregation.





Hector and Sylvia Martinez

The MartinezesThe Martinez's ministry in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico includes planting new and support existing evangelical churches. They also start and support AWANA clubs in the area.




Mark and Heidi Merritt

The MerrittsAs the Merritts begin their sixth year at Hospital Loma de Luz on the north coast of Honduras, some aspects of their ministry remain the same and some new things have been added. Mark continues his hospital duties as a family practitioner and oversight of the pharmacy but has added monthly trips to the mountain villages to do physicals on children. His men's discipleship class has expanded and he has added an English class to his weekly agenda. Heidi oversees the x-ray department and continues to lead Bible studies in the village as well as with missionary women. The rental of a small house in the village has opened many doors to new things. Together they have developed a small library and have a weekly children's story hour. Heidi has been reaching out to local women through bread making, basket- making classes, and cooking classes.


Gary Mitchell and Kenny Sullivan

Gary Mitchell and Kenny SullivanOur mission project is to raise funds to construct a camp and seminary in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Our goal is to raise $150,000 USD. For more information on our project, feel free to contact us. (We are shown in our photo here with Global Outreach's Sammy Simpson, center).




Padraic and Melody O'Neil

The O'NeilsWe are working with local pastors in the planting of indigenous, local churches with local leaders. Our approach is to have Pastor Leonidas Martinez develop new works and grow local congregations, then raise up and train a local leader for each congregation. Over time that leader will take a pastoral role as the Lord leads and prepares him. Once Leonidas is sure of the qualifications, the “pastor” will lead the congregation under Leonidas’ watchcare. Our desire is to empower the Honduran church to become a self-sustaining, disciple-making church, prepared to multiply - mature and healthy – with no need for external support or guidance..



Nelene Pannell

Nelene PannellNelene serves for 6-8 weeks at a time throughout each year as God allows her the opportunity at Belize Vo-Tech. During those opportunities her duties change according to the needs on campus and as directed by BVT Director, Frankie Wade. These duties include: teaching as needed; issuing clothing, toiletries, linens; occasionally assisting during the boys' quiet times; operation of the snack shop; taking boys to the doctor when the need arises; and whatever is needed at any given time.



Perdomo, Renan and Juanita

The TurnersThrough teams and ongoing projects such as feeding centers and scholarship programs Renan and Nita hope to reach the lost for Christ and encourage the local Honduran church to evangelize and disciple their friends and neighbors.






Vance and Susan Pirkle

The PirklesThe Pirkles joined the staff of Hospital Loma de Luz in May 2011. Vance is an OB/GYN and will be helping to develop an OB/GYN section at the hospital. They have four of their five children living with them in Honduras: Rebekah, Sarah, Caleb, and Phillip. Their oldest daughter, Elizabeth, attends college in the States. The Pirkles served in Sanyati, Zimbabwe, from 2005-2007.



Daniel and Sarah Puttcamp

The PuttcampsDaniel and Sarah Puttcamp work closely with a local Costa Rican church to train church leaders and members in order to “equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ.” (Eph 4:12). They do this by working with the men’s and women’s ministries of the church, conducting in-depth Bible studies, engaging in discipleship, and by establishing a Spanish-speaking Bible institute. They have two children and have been laboring in Atenas, Costa Rica since 2008, working with Global Outreach since 2014.


Lyle and Rose Rainey

The RaineysLyle and Rose are missionaries to Belize and, specifically, to the Vo-Tech school there. Global Outreach Belize Vo-Tech operates as the ministry arm of Global Outreach Belize Ltd. The Vo-Tech is a vocational boarding school for boys ages 14-18 who, because of family finances or low educational levels, are unable to attend high school. The school is a three-year program, during which the students study reading, math, Bible, Belizean studies, health, computer use, and tools. Beginning their second year they choose a trade of either auto mechanics or wood working and spend several hours a day in the shops. The school is located on approximately 60 acres, and raise and process their own chickens, cows, and pigs. They have a garden that the students help take care of and they also learn to do yard work, landscaping, forestry, plumbing, and electrical work as they work around the school property. Throughout the year twelve to fourteen teams from the States are hosted. These teams work on construction projects, tutor and mentor the boys, and hold Bible schools in villages in the country of Belize, affording them and the school an opportunity to ministry to the people of Belize.

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Franklin and Evelyn Turner

The TurnersOur family moved to Costa Rica through Global Outreach International. We have been working alongside our local Costa Rican church Árbol de Vida since September 2004. In August 2008 we were able to purchase 30 acres of land to build Taller Del Maestro Global Outreach Camp & Training Center. GOD has provided through teams, churches and individuals to build the Camp and training Center facilities. These teams are made up of people who desire to experience missions firsthand and get involved in GODS work. A Conference Building has been built, it will seat 200 people. We are now working on building Cabins for hosting camps and seminars. Cabin Hope is now ready for Campers it will sleep 20 people. Our next Cabin, JOY is the next project we are raising funds to build. We plan to build 5 cabins, to host 100 people overnight. The vision for the Camp and Training Center is to host the churches across Costa Rica to be able to use these facilities to hold JESUS centered discipleship and Bible training for the whole family, growing in CHRIST together. Ephesians 4:12-13-for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ, till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.

Dayna Wutke

Dayna WutkeDayna operates Cayo Christian Academy just outside the capital city of Belmopan.






Michelle Akavuti

The AkavutisYouth are some of the most influential people in the world. Michelle first served in Slovakia in the year 2000 at the age of seventeen. After graduating college she moved to Slovakia where many of the young Slovak leaders expressed their desire to learn how they could better impact their community and share the Gospel. It was then when Michelle knew that God had called her to work with youth and local youth workers in Slovakia. Since 2012, Michelle has been working alongside a Baptist church, Kresťanské Stredisko, as the youth director. She teaches conversational English in local schools, organizes youth events, and activities to build relationships and serve as a catalyst between students and the youth group.



Tom and Vicky Arabis

The ArabisSince 1990 the Arabis' have been involved in theological education in Portugal. Their desire is to prepare church leadership who are able to handle well God’s word and make it relevant to believers and pre-Christians.
· Teaching. Tom teaches in the areas of hermeneutics/Bible study methods and Christian education at the Seminário Teológico Baptista (STB).
· Teófilos. Tom is founder and director of Teófilos which is an e-learning platform offering online learning in Bible, discipleship materials and blended learning.
· Educational administration. Both Vicky and Tom are involved in various STB administrative projects: curriculum revision, accreditation, new academic procedures and operational software, PR, and development, including fundraising.
· Sunday School Teacher training seminars. Tom is developing a team whose goal is to stimulate growth in Christian education in local churches through ongoing Sunday School teacher training.
Do you like computer work? PR? Fundraising and development? Teaching the Bible? Marketing? Serving? COME JOIN THEM!

Norman and Gwendolyn Bowman

The BowmansNorman and Gwen Bowman have served in Barcelona, Spain, since 1982. They have lead and taught worship and music at the Spanish Bible Institute in Castelldefels near Barcelona, Spain, at the Zaporozhye Bible College and the Baptist Seminary in Ukraine, and in seminars in numerous churches and conferences throughout Romania and Spain. They have ministered to Romanian and Pakistani immigrants in Spain, men's ministries, youth ministries, the 250-voice Barcelona Gospel Choir, as well as through personal evangelism and discipleship. Much of their ministry is focused on mentoring key Spanish leaders who are founding ministries that reach out to adolescents and young adults across Spain. The stories of young Spaniards coming to faith in Christ are very encouraging. The Bowmans have a constant hospitality ministry in their home along with an extensive prayer ministry and teaching on prayer and the spiritual disciplines. Their gifting, calling, and passion is to communicate the truth of the Gospel to the post-modern and multicultural peoples of Spain.

Mario Cerda

The CerdasMario is in Paris, France. God continues to soften his heart for the people. He is living simply, loving God deeply, and loving the French patiently. He welcomes your prayers and words of encouragement.





Paul and Beverly Currin

The CurrinsPaul is a teacher at the Italian Bible Institute. IBI is an accredited school which provides a solid evangelical and interdenominational Bible training on the college level, equipping Italians for leadership in various ministries. He teaches primarily exegesis courses as well as exegetical studies in various Old and New Testament books. He also teaches Hebrew and Methods of Research and is developing the school library. His life verse is Ezra 7:10. Paul and Bev are also working with a small, evangelical church in the suburbs of Rome in a town called Mentana. Bev has been primarily involved in the Rome Bible Study Fellowship Evening Women’s Class as the teaching leader and in the music ministry of the church. Paul's main role in the church is in teaching and leadership development.


Josip and Kelly Debeljuh

The DebeljuhsJosip and Kelly Debeljuh are serving in Zagreb, Croatia. They have five children; Mia, Ben, Lia, Ema, and Abi. The Debeljuhs moved to Croatia in 2008, and have been building means of outreach through sports (basketball Josip), and art (Kelly) in the capital city of Zagreb. Josip was born in Croatia, in the small coastal city of Pula, where his family lives today. He was involved in basketball growing up, and is able to use those skills and connections to make an impact for Christ. Kelly is an artist, and uses her gifts in teaching to lead womens painting workshops and other events. The Debeljuhs are also heavily involved in the ministry of their local church in Zagreb. Please pray that God touches the hearts of people in Europe, breaking through years of hardness brought about by socialist regime and indifference.

Harry Gaston

Harry GastonUkraine Ministries serves in the southwestern part of Ukraine near the Romanian border located near the city of Chernovtsy in the village of Malinovka. Since 1993 they have built and continue to sponsor churches; however, their primary focus the past 10 years is the Place Of Hope, a Christian alcohol and drug rehabilitation center (2 Cor. 5:17) in a beautiful 12,000 sq. ft. building sitting on a hill among four villages.



Pete and Barbara Gibson

The GibsonsPete and Barbara Gibson joined Global Outreach International in 1987. They served five years in Uganda and in 1992 transitioned to Romania in Eastern Europe. As it had recently gained freedom from the communist control, it was evident that Romania was open and in need of a ministry to children, youth, and families. The Gibsons began the work to found, build, and operate such a ministry. In 1985 Pete and Barbara opened The 7th Spring Camp and Conference Center (Al Saptele Izvor) in Arad County, Romania. The 7th Spring operates year round as a facility for Christ-centered activities that share the Gospel and encourage the body of Christ. The summer brings hundreds of children and youth from across Europe, and volunteers from the USA to The 7th Spring Summer Camps. In 2008 the Gibsons returned to the USA and now serve in the Global Outreach International Home Office in Tupelo MS while, at the same time, continuing to have an active part in the ministry of The 7th Spring in Romania. Pete serves as Vice-President of Missionary Personnel for Global Outreach International. Barbara's involvement with children continues for she serves as Missionary Kids Director for Global Outreach. With dual ministry responsibility, Barbara also serves in the Public Relations Department of Global Outreach. They are grateful for the opportunity to share Jesus with people around the globe. Indifferent to race or religion, Christ died for all and it is their desire to serve and reach the world with the Gospel.

Dario and Dalila Gonzalez

The GonzalezesThe Gonzalez's are establishing churches, teaching the Bible, making disciples, preaching in a local church, and developing Bible studies in different cities.They are also counseling and mentoring brothers and sisters from different churches, and training leaders and pastors. Dalila is developing a social service to the Gypsy children, helping schools, and promoting the education for the Gypsy children.


Rachel Harris

Rachel HarrisRachel Harris will begin serving in Florence, Italy in Fall of 2014. She is excited to use her love for dance for the Lord and His glory. She has loved to see how the Lord uses dance as a way to worship and proclaim the name of Jesus. In Florence, she will be teaching ballet, performing, discipling new believers, and teaching other artists how to use their love for art for the Lord!




Doug and Camelia Howey

The HoweysThe Howey's ministry is: Loving God and the people of Romania, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ while watching for the faithful people that God will draw to Himself, so that they may disciple them; always making themselves available to be used by Jesus as He establishes indigenously led, reproducing churches, that send missionaries into all the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Viorel and Didina Iuga

The IugasThe Iuga's work organizing and conducting Family Life conferences. They help the families to know God’s word on the family, challenging and helping them to get involved in helping other families to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. They help the young people to prepare themselves for a biblical family. They challenge and help the church leaders to pay more attention to the families and use them in fulfilling the great commission.



Fred and Linda McRae

The McRaesFred and Linda McRae have served in Germany since 1986. Previously their work was in the Rhineland-Pfalz helping with church renewal and ministering also in church planting. Currently they are working in the Ruhr area of Germany, the most densely populated part of the country. It is also the least evangelized. Their ministry goal is helping four struggling churches in this area to begin reaching out to those without Christ. This involves one-on-one teaching, holding evangelistic workshops, preaching, and personal evangelism. The fundamentals of the work involve praying for, seeking out, and challenging believers to be true disciples of Christ.

Rachel Mueller

Rachel MuellerI plan to work with a church in Vidin, Bulgaria with which my home church has had a long-standing relationship. I will help establish a youth ministry and train mature members of the church to work with and disciple teens. Along with discipleship, I hope to equip the Christian youth to share their faith. I have also been invited into a state-run orphanage to work with children with special needs. I'm a registered nurse, and I hope to use my background to care for the children in the home, as well as educate staff as they have requested.





Larry and Debbie Peck

The PecksLarry and Debbie Peck have served with Global Outreach International since 2011. They serve at the Evangelical Theological Faculty (ETF) in Leuven , Belgium. Larry works as the Distance Education and Instructional Design Consultant and Debbie serves as the Conference Coordinator and Hospitality Manager for the Leuven Center for Christian Studies. Larry and Debbie's desire is to glorify Jesus Christ by equipping church leaders and helping to further God’s Kingdom: "proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness . . . ." (Acts 28:31).



Brent and Marianne Pilson

The PilsonsBrent and Marianne are passionate about taking the gospel to the least evangelized and least reached places. With an evangelical population of only about 1%, France is one of the least evangelized nations in the world. A large increase of African immigrants has also given France the largest Muslim population in Western Europe, bringing in many unreached people groups. France is also home to around 2 million University students and the third largest international student population in the world. Serving in the Alpine region of Southeast France at the University of Savoy, Brent and Marianne's ministry focuses on reaching French and International students through evangelism, discipleship, Bible studies and other programs. They are also committed to partnering with the local church, showing love, support and encouragement to French believers. Brent and Marianne are from Greensboro, NC and have one daughter, Elise, born September 19th, 2013.

Wes and Sheri Stafford

The StaffordsWith a passion for discipleship and God’s glory in marriages, we are reaching out to Czechs by modeling biblical principles that mirror our relationship with Jesus Christ! In this predominately atheistic country (98%), English is a valuable commodity and can be used to open door to even the hardest of unbelievers. As volunteers with the Youth For Christ / Immanuel Conference Center, we’re also reaching out to “the least of these” in Czech Republic - orphaned young people - through outreach camps hosting several weeks of the year!


Spas and Christina Stoimenovi

The StoimenovisThe Stoimenovis minister to orphans and children-at-risk in Bulgaria. Their goal is to share the love of Christ with the children and youth in both word and deed, while at the same time equipping them with tools for a healthy and successful future. They do this through lessons, sports, camps, job training, and other activities.



William "Bill" and Natalie Tully

The TullysThe Tullys work in Bucharest, Romania, with the International Church of Bucharest. Currently Bill is the pastor of the church and Naty is very active in various ministries of the church as well. She is working with children’s ministries on Sunday and during the week she helps guide the church’s afterschool program for children in the community. The church ministers directly to expatriates, diplomats, and business personnel in the English language from as many as 20 different cultures. In Moldova they serve local evangelical pastors in the south of the country. They provide training for ministry leaders, conduct summer programs for children and teenagers such as camps and Bible schools and help host conferences to teach and provide opportunities of renewal for ministry leaders.


Walter Aiken

Walter AikenThe ministry in Brasil is, above all, focused upon proclaiming God's message of salvation in Jesus, the Messiah (I Cor. 9:16). Evangelism is central. Those who hear, believe. Those who believe, call upon His name. Those who call upon Him will be saved (Romans 10:13-17). Secondly, a strong emphasis is given to "making disciples" (Matthew 28:19). In addition, serving the Savior, in Niteroi, involves participating in youth camps, speaking at various conferences and special events, teaching a weekly Bible study, being a Portuguese-English interpreter for teams working with the church, and, at times, going along as their tour guide in and around Rio de Janeiro. Walking by faith with Christ is a daily adventure of experiencing firsthand that He lives (Job 19:25) and that His faithfulness never fails. The ministry is pressing on in His eternal grace.

Shiloh Barrow

Shiloh BarrowI will be serving in Ecuador with an emphasis on women’s ministry. My passion is to disciple, equip, and teach women the Bible with a focus on showing them how to study God’s Word on their own. I believe this ministry is vital in that God will use His word to draw women to Himself and grow them in their faith. Ultimately these ladies will share what they learn with their husbands, children, extended family and friends so that the Gospel will be spread even further.




Rhonda Criswell

Rhonda CriswellRhonda's main area of ministry is through sports. She developed a program called Sports With A Purpose. To implement this program she travels throughout the country teaching other believers how to use sports as a tool to share the gospel and to start small outreach groups. Soon she will work alongside El Sembrador Iglesia Bautista as they move forward with the vision the Lord has given them. This vision, Project Hope, will turn their 75 acres into a multi-events camp. On this property they will have a permanent missionary learning center and they will have facilities in which they can hold various other events, three simultaneously. They will host missions and evangelism conferences, church leadership training workshops, marriage enrichment retreats, and sports and youth camps. Rhonda will continue working with sports but will also be living on this campground coordinating these activities.

John and Emily Darnell

The DarnellsWJohn and Emily serve with Global Outreach International in Calacalí, Ecaudor, at Hacienda El Refugio. The mission of El Refugio is to facilitate a deeper relationship with Christ through nature and outdoor adventure. Specifically, John’s title is “Director of Ministry Programs.” He is involved with overseeing the desigining of the adventure experience, the facilitating of each adventure aspect, the discipleship of the facilitators and interns, and the multiplication of adventure ministry in Latin America.

Jared and Elisabeth Fly

The FlysThis ministry is designed to share the message of Christ one family at a time. We seek to do this by our library programs (birth to age 16), small group Bible studies, and personal home visits. We are also involved in pastoral training and work with short term mission teams to accomplish specific tasks and begin new relationships with Ecuadorians. Periodically we also facilitate training and Bible studies for members of the church we attend. Construction is underway for our future vocational training shop.


Curtis and Michelle Gee

The GeesThe Gee's mission efforts are designed to support a local Baptist church in the city of Cuenca. Primera Iglesia Bautista de Cuenca is involved in many outreach projects including medical clinics, dental clinics, music classes for youth, sports clinics, and orphan outreach. The Gee's work with the local church to teach orphans the great news of salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ. They also provide financial support to the church. They host other church groups on short-term mission projects. They want to bless the people of Ecuador by sharing the Gospel.

Alan and Fabiola Gordon

The FabysAlan and Faby are working in the areas of theological education and community work. Alan is teaching in three different seminaries: Church of God, Nazarene, and Alliance. Faby works heavily in the community with a Women's Club, and also pushing papers for community development, especially in the area of health. In addition they are making contacts among rural pastors all over the country to help them in the development of their churches and discipleship.

Robin and Wendy Gutierrez

The GutierrezesRobin and Wendy Gutierrez serve God administering Emmanuel Christian School in Macas, Ecuador. ECS is a ministry of "Columna de Verdad" Christian Church and was founded in 1999. ECS is the only Christian School in the province of Morona Santiago and serves both Christian and non-Christian Ecuadorian children. Emmanuel Christian School is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). They serve the community through preschool, elementary school, and high school, offering Biblical instruction throughout the curriculum. The majority of the staff is Ecuadorian and they are committed Christians. Considering going to Macas for short-term or long-term to serve with them!! Help them build a new campus so more children can meet Jesus.

Pato and Andrea Moeller Leon

Andrea MoellerAndrea's Motto: Lifting up the name of Jesus Christ in Macas and Rio Blanco, Ecuador, through Evangelism, Discipleship, and Service. She is working alongside the local church in Macas, La Iglesia Columna de Verdad, in their outreach in Rio Blanco in children's Bible clubs,visitation,evangelism, discipleship, and service with the long-term goal of establishing an active, growning, and Christ-exalting local church. She is also serving in Macas in Bible studies, encouragement, and visitation ministries.



Lynn and Cathy Prather

The PrathersLynn, Cathy, Eli, and Olivia Prather are a missionary family residing in Puembo, Ecuador. Their ministry is involved in evangelism and church planting, with a focus on discipleship and leadership training. Their primary work site is Guadalupe mission, where they work with their Ecuadorian ministry partners. Special projects from time to time allow them to work with various schools, churches, and other groups. The Prathers have recently become involved in seminars to train Ecuadorian pastors and church leaders. They believe short-term teams from the U.S. are very beneficial to their work and actively seek the participation of these groups as a part of their ministry.

Sara Risser

Sara RisserSara Risser arrived in Ecuador in December of I964 to work as a registered nurse in Hospital Vozandes She now works six months in Ecuador and six months in the United States. Ministry in Ecuador: During the first of the year she arrives in Ecuador to prepare for ministries in the summer months and to continue to mentor spiritually all the young people that have worked with her or whom she have helped with education, health care, or work. In May the first of two nursing student groups arrive for an experience in healthcare. One week is coordinated with the National School of Nursing in Quito and the second week in the jungle area of Tena with Dr. Tod Swanson and a nurse from the government health department . The second group usually follows in June or July. Construction groups with World Servants, surgical groups, or groups from churches help to fill all the remaining time until the end of August. She has trained Ecuadorians to direct many of the teams that come and she assists when possible. Individuals also come to help teach English at a Christian Day School in the jungle area of Macas or to improve their Spanish at a children’s home.
Ministry in the USA: They include mission conferences supporting churches in ME, VA, FL, PA MS and sometimes other states, contacting and facilitating groups for Ecuador. She also is a caregiving for members of her family and participates in home church activities.


Azucena Robles

RoblesInformation coming soon.







Marcelo Robles

RoblesInformation coming soon.






John and Rebecca Thompson

John and Rebecca ThompsonJohn had the privilege of growing up as a MK in Ecuador and is now very excited to return with his wife Rebecca and their 3 year old daughter, Hannah, to serve there. The Thompson's want to support the local churches of Central Ecuador through church planting, discipleship and leadership development. They will also be working with the ministry team at Campamento Bautista Chacauco in their many ministries serving the Baptist churches of Ecuador.






Steve and Carol Thompson

The SillsesSteve and Carol have been serving in Ecuador since 1988. They work in areas of church planting and leadership development in the central mountain and central jungle regions. The Thompsons work along side Ecuadorian pastors and ministry leaders in a church planting network through the ministries of 2 Camp/Training Centers. Camp Chacauco is located near Patate in the central mountain region where they live, and Camp UNPES is located near Tena in the jungle. They look forward to many more years of service to the Lord in Ecuador.



Ben and Ruth Ann Yantis

The YantisesThis ministry is comprised of people from all walks of life who come together to form short-term mission efforts in Guyana, South America, with one purpose in mind--to do the will of our Lord, ministering in any way they can on the mission field. God uses the gifts of the team members in humanitarian efforts up and down the rivers distributing food, agricultural tools, clothing, Bibles, and Christian pamphlets to the native Amerindians. This ministry provides most of the supplies for schools in the interior where team members present Bible stories in the classrooms. Others offer a VBS program, teaching children the Word of God. Seminars for native pastors and evangelistic meetings have a significant influence on the pastors and lay people, insuring the ministry continues in the remote villages after the teams leave. This ministry also places water wells at schools, which is a blessing to the entire community. Ben Yantis has designed and currently furnishes a stainless steel pump that outlasts the older cast iron models. The seeds planted are watered by the loving hand of God. Lives are forever changed--praise be to God.



Kyle and Claudia Zimmerman

The ZimmermansThe Zimmerman's are serving in La Misión, a small church in one of the poorer areas of the city of Buenos Aires. Kyle is the director of a newly-forming vocational school and is presently teaching different levels of carpentry/woodworking skills in the three shanty-towns closest to La Misión. The vision of the school is to develop community leaders by empowering its students with both the skills to be competitive in the job market and the drive to actively seek Christ-centered change in their communities through the power of the Gospel. Claudia is assisting/teaching in the leadership training. Together they are leading the college and young professionals' ministry, small/discipleship groups, and are a part of a church-planting team that is focused on the micro-center of Buenos Aries.

North America

None at present; check back soon



1040 Window

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Rick and Jennifer Bell

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J and V Burnette

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Dan and Jenny H

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Laurel H

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Janette K

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Jesse and Susan M

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Grayson and Karen O

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Daniel P

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Chris and Chanda R

Chris and ChandaChris and Chanda partner with a local Church in Thailand teaching English as a bridge to share Christ. They also work in other countries in Southeast Asia. To contribute to the work of these missionaries, please click the link below. Thank you!





Jeffrey and Bethany S

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Jeffrey and Nancy S

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H. Singh

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Andrew and Lori Spurgeon

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Mathew T

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Sarah T

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Undisclosed 1050

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Christina W

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Kourtney W

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Billy White

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S and J Whittaker

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Ajloun Baptist Center

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Baptist Village of Israel

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Belize Vo-Tech

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GO Barnabas Camps/Brumley Youth Camps

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Global Theological Seminary

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Good Shepherd's Fold

The mission of Good Shepherd's Fold is to provide a Christian home to the orphans and destitute children of Uganda, striving to meet their physical, spiritual, social, emotional, and educational needs so that they may be fully equipped to impact Ugandan culture and the world for Jesus Christ. It is our goal to be a model as we train and minister to local Ugandans living in community with our ministry. (See Also Claudia Arango and Ministry Site Supervisor: Mark and Amy Gwartney). To contribute to this ministry, please click the link below. Thank you!

Went About Ministry

Evangelizing, Teaching, and Training New Believers. Our ministry titled Went About Ministry – originates from the life of Jesus Christ. “and Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching…and preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people (Matthew 9:35) - KJV. Our Goal is to go about the community we live in, fish for the lost, share the love and good news of Jesus Christ. We want to Evangelize, teach, and train new believers to go out and share their faith while loving and getting involved in the local community. We desire to establish four assemblies of believers in four locations in two years. We also endeavor to reach/send people to one or more unreached people groups. To contribute to this ministry, please click the link below. Thank you!

Widow's Might

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1040 Window

Aiken, Walter

Ajloun Baptist Center

Akavuti, Michelle

Alexander, Dave and Meredith

Anthony, Jame and Paula

Arabis, Tom and Vicky

Arango, Claudia

Ayer, Dave and Julie

Baptist Village of Israel

Barrow, Shiloh

Batley, Tom and Sharon

Baxter, Rhonda

Belize Vo-Tech

Bell, Rick and Jennifer

Bowman, Norman and Gwendolyn

Bridges, Joe and Karyn

Bridges, Jonathan and Jess

Brill, Seth and Rebecca

Brooks, Ryan and Adriana

Brumley, Chris and Sheryl

Bumgarner, James and Marilyn

Burnette, J and V

Cerda, Mario

Chung, Chi and Sandy

Clair, Jim and Diane

Cowfer, Hannah

Creel, Stephen and Hollie

Criswell, Rhonda

Currin, Paul and Beverly

Curtis, Toby and Cherie

Darnell, John and Emily

Day, Robert and Brandi

Dean, Casey

Debeljuh, Josip and Kelly

Dilbert, Wilford and Dania

Doe, John and Jane

DuBrule, Pete and Trish

Erickson, Glen and Linda

Etheridge, Sharron

Faull, Ted and Maggie

Ferrell, Diana

Fish, David and Lisa

Fly, Jared and Elizabeth

Folk, Jacob and Courtenay

Fox, Cody and Katie

Fulks, John and Rebecca

Gaston, Harry

Gee, Curtis and Michelle

Gee, Thomas

Gibson, Pete and Barbara

Global Theological Seminary

GO Barnabas Camps/Brumley Youth Camps

Gonzalez, Dario and Dalila

Good Shepherd's Fold

Gordon, Alan and Fabiola

Grant, Michael and Katherine

Gunther, Patrick and Lisa

Gutierrez, Robin and Wendy

Gwartney, Mark and Amy

H, Dan and Jenny

H, Laurel

Harris, Rachel

Harrison, Steadman and Alyssa

Heady, David and Judy

Hemelstrand, Neil and Tricia

Howard, Ruthie

Howey, Doug and Camelia

Imsland, Shane and Jennifer

Iuga, Viorel and Didina

Iya, Corinne Stoltzfus

Jacobsen, Bob and Carolyn

Johnson, Nick and Sara

K, Janette

Kane, Mark and Harumi

Karnes, Mark and Allison

Koske, Elijah and Janeth

Ladosz, Monique

Leon, Pato and Andrea Moeller

Letton, Dan and Donna

Marshall, Roma

Martinez, Hector and Sylvia

Mayotte, Steve and Daria

McRae, Fred and Linda

Merritt, Mark and Heidi

Miller, Ash and Risa

Mitchell, Gary and Sullivan, Kenny

Mueller, Rachel

M, Jesse and Susan

Napier, Stephen and Esther

Nelson, Jay and Courtney

O, Grayson and Karen

Olson, Annelise

O'Neil, Padraic and Melody

Orozco, Richard and Diane

Ott, Andy and Jennifer

P, Daniel

Pannell, Nelene

Peck, Larry and Debbie

Perdomo, Renan and Juanita

Peterson, Bob and Michelle

Pilson, Brent and Marianne

Pirkle, Vance and Susan

Pollock, Jon and Bekah

Prather, Lynn and Cathy

Puttcamp, Daniel and Sarah

Rainey, Lyle and Rose

Risser, Sara

Chris and Chanda R

Robles, Azucena

Robles, Marcelo

Runk, Nicky and Kristie

Rzepka, Tracey

S, Jeffrey and Bethany

S, Jeffrey and Nancy

Singh, H.

Smith, Andrew and Karina

Spurgeon, Andrew and Lori

Stafford, Wes and Sheri

Stoimenovi, Spas and Christina

Sturgeon, Gordon and Ellyn

Sullivan, Kenny and Mitchell, Gary

T, Mathew

T, Sarah

Thompson, John and Rebecca

Thompson, Steve and Carol

Todd, Barrett and Carrie

Tully, William and Natalie

Turner, Franklin and Evelyn

W, Christina

W, Kourtney

Warfield, Robb and Sheila

Went About Ministry

White, Billy

Whittaker, S and J

Widow's Might

Wutke, Dayna

Yantis, Ben and Ruth Ann

Zimmerman, Kyle and Claudia

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