Donate to Missionaries or Projects

100% of your donation goes to the missionary or project. Please consider also partnering with the Home Office so that we can continue to serve our missionaries in the areas of finance, communication, marketing, and member care.

Three Ways to Donate

1. Credit and debit card - You must click the missionary's unique link on their page, which you can find by typing their name into the search box below. All credit and debit card donations are processed by PayPal. You must use each missionary's unique Paypal button on his or her page. To find the missionary's page, search below (click on their name once it pops up):

Search by Name

2. Bank draft / ACH - write down the missionary name or account number and click the button below to fill out the form.

3. Mailed checks - all checks must have the ACCOUNT NUMBER ONLY on the "for" line - NOT the missionary name (otherwise it cannot be tax-deductible!). If you do not know the missionary or project account number, please ask, call our office, or look at their web page before writing a check. Mail checks to:

Global Outreach International
P.O. Box 1
Tupelo, MS 38802

Corporate Matching, Stocks, Trusts, and Non-Cash Giving

Please contact our office if you'd like to give any sort of gift not listed above (including volunteering your time!), or if you'd like to process any donation over the phone rather than online. You can email us via this form or call at 662-842-4615.