Shoes for Sam's Kids

We're partnering with a longtime missionary (Monique Ladosz, pictured below) to provide 4,200 pairs of boots for schoolchildren at seven schools in Rwanda and Uganda.

$12 = one pair of boots. Good boots mean healthier feet, better school attendance, and all-around brighter futures.

Yes, I'll Give Some Boots

Global Outreach International maintains a 100% pass-through policy--we do not receive any percentage of this donation for administrative costs.

Consider partnering with Global Outreach so that we can offset administrative and member care costs and continue offering 100% pass-through.

Below you can see pictures of schoolchildren receiving boots and ponchos from Monique and her Rwandan ministry partners.

Global Outreach International is a 501(c)3 and has a 100% pass through rate. All funds received go to purchasing shoes. 


Who's sam?

Sam Wiley is 86 years old and lives in Blue Springs, Mississippi. He spent his life as a farmhand and cowboy, and while he never finished third grade, he's got a lot of wisdom. His wife passed away a year ago. When Leanna Hollis, the Global Outreach Director of Intercessory Prayer and Outreach, told Sam about Monique's ministry giving boots to schoolchildren in Rwanda, Sam lit up and became determined to do something about it. That's why we've dubbed this project "Sam's Kids."