Shane and Jennifer Imsland


account #: 4326


Shane and Jennifer Imsland, along with their children Austin, Sierra, and Landen have been serving in Haiti since 2013. 

The Imslands run a micro-loan program called Elevate. Elevate focuses on helping those living in deep poverty, to start small businesses. These businesses makes it possible for families to stay together and for them to begin to feel hope. 

The Imslands focus is relational discipleship which enables them to develop trust and share the gospel of Jesus. 

Elevate is a program designed to bring American sponsors and Haitian needs together.  Each new sponsorship is assigned a micro-loan recipient and then given updates on the business of the borrower. 

Through Elevate you can give knowing that it not only impacts the original borrower, but it is recycled to begin another loan.

Would you like to invest in their ministry? Choose an option below. (You don't need a PayPal account to use credit and debit.) Thank you for supporting Shane and Jennifer's work for the glory of God!

Send checks to PO Box 1 Tupelo MS 38802. Don't write their name on the check--write their account number.