Sylvia Grace Albarracín Calatayud

United States

Home Office Intern - Account #4641

Sylvia Grace is passionate to see “His Kingdom come and His Will be done”... passionate to see people live in their true identity and bring the good news of Isaiah 61 to their life. She always wants to grow in knowing God and making Him known. She enjoys fellowship, community, art, scenic arts, film, music and learning from other cultures. Being a TCK( Third Culture Kid) has brought her to embrace other cultures all her life and be a natural catalyzer for others. 

She has been a missionary full time for 8 years now in different parts of the globe, since her calling is to "all nations." The adventure began in Hawaii in a YWAM base (Youth With A Mission); since then she has been in different locations such as Israel, India, Fiji and different European countries. She has been serving in Spain for a time, where also her home town is: Beautiful Barcelona!

Before serving as a missionary full time, she worked in education and that brought her to contact with many ministries amongst children and youth. This season has brought her to home office to serve and learn and be part of catalyzing the modern mission movement through GOI. She is also being equipped with different seminars in the Ashland Seminar of Ohio and the different Orientations offered through GO. We hope this season of partnership will bring renewal, freshness for all the parties involved and we are excited to see what God is bringing us to, in the future, as we walk faithfully in the present.

Sylvia Grace seeks your prayer and financial support as she interns with Global Outreach International. She has a number of educational and ministry opportunities, including:

January 10-19 Inner healing, Counseling Seminar (Formational Prayer Seminar) in Ashland, Ohio - completed!
January 27-30 Conference in Nashville, Tennessee - completed!
February 7-13 Orientation and training in missions with G.O in Tupelo, Mississippi - completed!
February 15-23 Conference in Thailand - COMPLETED with FULL FUNDING! Praise the Lord and THANK YOU for your partnership!
March 9-12 Integrating Formational Prayer Seminar in Ashland, Ohio

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