Are you here to donate to someone going on a short-term trip with Global, or to pay off a team balance? Please use one of the forms below. If you have any questions please call our office at 662-842-4615. Thank you!

Short-term trip, long-term impact.

If you're here, that means you're preparing to lead or be part of a short-term team working with one of our ministries. (Still looking for a team? Look at our calendar for upcoming trips, or fill out the inquiry form on this page.)

We require all short-term team participants to fill out a short-term packet and return it to your team leader. Any questions should be directed to your team leader--they serve as the bridge of communication between you and the Global Outreach home office. 

Because of the amount of work involved in planning and booking overseas travel, it's very important that you return all the paperwork together, on time, and completely filled out, including copies of official documents and a $60 processing fee. Your team leader should already be communicating with you about these deadlines and may have even provided you with the necessary forms. If he or she has not, you can click below to view and download the PDF team participant packet.

We can't stress enough: please read the whole application carefully, and fill it out completely, before sending it to your team leader.