Tom and Vicky Arabis


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For over 25 years, Tom and Vicky Arabis have been involved in leadership training through theological education in Portugal in a variety of roles, including serving at Seminário Teológico Baptista, where Tom is Academic Dean and a professor. Now, in 2015, they are leading in educational technology development in order to reach more students with valuable Bible training. In 2005 they founded Teófilos, an e-learning platform offering theological education online. They are now adding virtual classrooms.  

Teófilos needs help* in the areas of…

  • Virtual classroom development using BigBlueButton
  • Course development on Moodle
  • KOHA library support
  • Bible software support
  • Salesforce school platform development and training
  • Filming and editing
  • Web design 

*Language is not essential for short-term workers with expertise in these areas. Long-term workers can easily combine language learning with part-time technology projects during first term.

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