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Global Outreach International

How Millennials Can Prepare for Missions

by Blake Wages, Marketing Specialist
As Christians, we are already called.

The Need is Great, but The Workers Are Few

Millennials, like myself, know all too well that the lazy, hipster, latte-drinking persona that some other generations have labeled us as just isn’t true to our actual identity. Admittedly, we may need those lattes to keep us alive and going, but truth told, we are the leading generation of homebuyers in America working multiple jobs, balancing student loans, marriage, and kids.

The point is, millennials are active and engaged in our society. We are leading innovative changes and doing amazing work, but religion amongst millennials seems to be fading. A quick Google search and Pew Research report will show you that our generation is increasingly being led away not just from Christianity but religion entirely. This is why now especially; we need more millennials who are willing to take the next steps towards sharing the Gospel and serving others. If you are considering becoming a missionary, taking a mission trip, or simply want to share your faith with others around you, I hope the rest of this blog will serve as guided steps that will help you succeed in reaching others and planning your next steps.

Is Missions for Me?

Jesus himself gives one final command before ascending to heaven that we call the Great Commission. It is Jesus’s final words after being an example to his disciples and followers throughout the Gospel to continue as He did and make disciples in His name.

Matthew 28:18-20

As we dig deeper, we see that this command isn’t for a specific group of people but for the Church at large. If you are a Christian, then you are called to go and make disciples. The “go” in this context implies that we are to make disciples really as we are going. This means that wherever God is leading you, you are called to be a living witness to the truth within you daily, whether you are called overseas or in your daily life.

1) Pray

This may seem simple, but it is absolutely critical to know you are hearing from God and not just an inspiring message. Pray diligently for discernment, read His Word, and finally ask for prayer from your pastor about where it is God may be calling you to. Above having a useful skill is having a humble spirit through prayer as you enter new cultural contexts and allow God to work in and through you. 

2) Talk to Someone Already There

If you are thinking about becoming a missionary or going on a mission trip, ask someone who lives in the country you are going to about the culture. Learn from them what to expect from the culture, what to avoid, living conditions, and more. When you enter a different culture you should not seek to change it, but adapt to live within it. Some cultures, for example, live closely and openly in close proximity, wherein the United States, we tend to be more private and keep the blinds closed. As another example, some African cultures will view wearing shorts as a sign that something is seriously wrong with you and try to avoid you. When entering other cultures, we have to be humble and adapt otherwise we risk offending others and shoving them away.

3) Get A Passport or Visa in Advance

This is an obvious next step, but you can’t go somewhere if you legally can’t get there in the first place. Don’t wait until it is too late to get your passport and end up having to cancel your entire trip. If you do not have a passport, make sure you are able to get one in time at your local post office or another provider that will accept passport applications. If you already have a passport, check the expiration date and make sure that it is good for at least a recommended 6 months past your travel dates. The same methods apply for acquiring a visa if you know you will be living in another country. To acquire a visa, you may need to talk consolidate with the country’s embassy or online application site to apply for one.

4) Talk with Your Physician/Get Vaccinations

Before visiting another country, you will be required to receive the appropriate vaccinations before entering the country. Plan a visit with your family physician in advance before your trip to avoid having to get sometimes dozens of vaccinations at the same time.

5) Be Fully Funded Before You Go

Whether you are taking a mission trip or looking to serve full-time as a missionary, we require that you be fully funded before you leave. If you are needing to fundraise for a mission trip, talk with your church about potential funding or planning a fundraiser event. Talk to your family, friends, and people in your network who may be willing to support the work God will do through you while in the country you are visiting.

If you are planning on becoming a full-time missionary, study the cost of living and ministry expenses you will require to not only live but do ministry work. Plan above the cost you are expecting this to be and seek out ministry partners that will help you reach your goal of being fully funded. Being fully funded doesn’t mean having enough one-time donations that will last you for the first month. This means having enough monthly supporters to invest in you and to preferably have the first 3 months’ expenses already raised before leaving for the field. If you are not fully funded before you leave, it isn’t going to get easier to raise support once you are overseas. 

Take your next step!

There are a lot of things to consider when going to the mission field, and this is why it is crucial to have a team backing you up through the process. If you are considering becoming a missionary, talk to mission specialist at Global Outreach. We have a team of experienced missionaries and ministry specialist that have served overseas and want to equip you to thrive wherever God may be calling you. Additionally, if your church wants to partner with a missionary serving overseas, we try our best to connect you to a Global Outreach missionary looking for people willing to serve and form deeper relationships.

Get in touch with us about becoming a missionary here:

Or inquire about a mission trip here: