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Global Outreach International

Increasing ministry efforts in Africa

by Blake Wages
When they came looking for water, their thirst was met and so were their souls.

Deep in the heart of Africa, two Global Outreach missionaries are seeking to provide both physical and spiritual water throughout the country of Chad. Talk to any missionary and you will hear repeated the single desire to see people come to salvation in Christ. The country of Chad, as with many African countries, is home to people that are hard at work simply trying to survive and provide for their families. This struggle intensifies in the summer months when the heat is at its highest. With little to no assistance from the government, this leaves many families without a proper means of obtaining safe drinking water. 

Sem preaches to a group of locals in Chad. Pictured on the right is a young woman preparing to draw water out of well for her family.

Showing Hope to Those in Need

Chad, at the center of the African continent, also serves as the home and mission field for Global Outreach missionaries Sem and Eunice. Temperatures in Chad can reach well above 100°F. For years, the missionary couple have served through the heat and many challenges that have come along their way. In a land where many would be disheartened, Sem and Eunice have found a way to constantly embody a spirit a joy - one that has allowed them to reach countless people, especially during the pandemic.

Pictured is the vehicle purchased through donor support to deliver supplies to villages in Chad.

"With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation." Isaiah 12:3

The joy of drawing others to salvation is made possible through churches and people willing to invest in the good work being done in places like Chad. Thanks to faithful supporters, Sem and Eunice were able to purchase a reliable vehicle which has transported Bibles, food and basic supplies to many villages in desperate need. Whenever the villagers see the truck coming, they see more than just supplies - they see hope, thanks to missionaries who are willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Alongside a need for food, water is a highly sought-after resource due to its scarcity. The government tightly controls the flow of water reaching the nearby regions, especially during dry seasons. In the months of February and June, the city water is released at inconsistent intervals. Some weeks water may be released only once. This leaves people seeking water wherever they can find it. Without a proper means of finding water, many are forced to gather water from muddy ponds and other unsafe water sources. Fortunately, supporters of Sem and Eunice's ministry provided a way for them to drill a tap well that allowed them to have access to fresh, clean water. 

The Body of Christ United

This tap has become a source of hope for the surrounding villages. After the completion of the well, Sem said, "When you rushed to our rescue to give us water, you did not only quench our thirst, but you evangelized our neighborhood and part of the city of Moundou."

Not only are people here getting physical water, they’re receiving the living water of salvation. Sem and Eunice's team have also been able to train local pastors to carry the Gospel to their communities. Thanks to the church and missionaries working together, hundreds of people were able to receive hope and salvation.

Sem wishes to say to everyone who offers to assist their ministry, "We cannot thank you enough for all that you are doing. Beloved, we owe you a debt of gratitude we cannot repay. May God replenish your life saving efforts. Thank you!"

As the Church continues to care for missionaries like Sem and Eunice serving on the front lines during a pandemic, may we recognize our own place and calling. With travel restrictions, economic turmoil, and challenges facing everyone, may we remember and pray for missionaries who are going above and beyond -- and for those who choose to live and endure alongside the people that rely on hope of the Gospel.

If you’d like to provide more living water to people in need, visit the Beasnael’s ministry page HERE.

Do you want to see more stories like this? You can provide the critical care that 280 missionaries rely on! Make a donation to Global Outreach today