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Global Outreach International
Missionaries, Cameroon
Since 2005, Mark and Yvonne Snell have been involved in short-term trips with the Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) . Mark formerly served as treasurer on the Commission...
Missionaries, Uganda
Andrew and Karina, along with children David and Johnathan, work in the Islands of Lake Victoria, Uganda. They started Shepherd’s Heart International Ministry in 2007 to provide an...
Missionaries, Brazil
Walter Aiken serves the Lord through evangelism, discipleship, youth camps, conference and special event speaking engagements, weekly Bible study leading, and often serving as an...
Missionaries, Japan
Cynthia is a full-time missionary serving in Japan with Life Hope Network.
Missionaries, Asia
Nathan is currently studying at Capitol Hill Baptist Church and plans to equip native pastors in East Asia.
Missionaries, Ethiopia
Rebekah will be leaving to teach missionary children at the Soddo Christian Hospital community in Ethiopia in September 2019. She will enrich the education for the international...
Partner alongside Blake as she serves with Good Shephard's Fold in Uganda.
Team members or supporters can contribute towards Kaiser 05-20 here.
The "J" family is serving a largely unreached South Asian city, but can't publicly disclose the specifics of their location and activity for security reasons. Their family is in need of...
  J and A JJL can't publicly disclose the specific location and nature of their ministry for security reasons. They urgently need your prayers and support.
 Undisclosed missionaries serving in Asia.
G. and K. O. can't publicly disclose the specific location and nature of their ministry for security reasons. They urgently need your prayers and support.
They will be doing work for the Kingdom that we cannot disclose here.
Missionaries, Spain
After many years of service in children and youth ministries in Belgium, The Netherlands and Spain, God has touched the lives of Jonathan and Gemma in a new way. After a personal...
Team members or supporters can contribute towards Bell 02-20 here.
Missionaries, Rwanda
The Ministry of Monique Ladosz thankfully will continue in Rwanda. We would like you to continue your legacy if you have been a long time partner or if you are new- join us to be a part...
Projects, Romania
Agape Baptist Church, planted by Ben and Anda Mogos in Bucharest, Romania.
The mission of Seeds of Hope is to restore communities and prevent young people from drug and alcohol addiction, gang violence, sex trafficking/exploitation, child labor, dropping out of...
Projects, Uganda
Support the various compassion ministries of Stephen and Esther Napier. Their ministry touches three regions globally: Alaska, Uganda, and the Middle East.
Children's Home of the Mountains is a home and training center in Saltillo, Mexico.
Donations to the Agape account will help fund various ministries of the PESCA Foundation, the ministry founded and overseen by Steve and Carol Thompson in Ecuador, South America
Money raised here goes to support Ireland Great Commission (Campus Crusade) in Ethiopia.
The Kijani Farm Compassion Fund is an ongoing fund used to supplement the extraordinary needs of our Maasai neighbors.  Funds can be designated to an individual with a specific need...
Projects, Uganda
These donations make scholarships possible for students through Good Shepherd's Fold in Uganda.
Trauma is a part of the human experience in our broken world.  It refers to the effects on human beings who have experienced events like domestic violence, sexual abuse, human...
Support Widow's Might, a ministry in Rwanda by Monique Ladosz.
Located at one of the Siglo 21 University sites, La Misión Caballito is a dynamic and intentional community situated in a busy and growing part of Buenos Aires. 
Support the Yucatan building, a ministry project in Mexico under Gary Mitchell.
Team members or supporters can contribute towards Prosser 07-21 here.
Mission Project Coordinator, Zambia
Pete and Trish worked for 3 ½ years in rural northern Zambia. A group of churches had been “praying for years” that someone would come teach them. Pete and Trish gave...
Fernando Dantas is a missionary reaching the unreached people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Europe, South America, and Asia.  Born and raised in Brazil, he grew up in...
Aleksandar comes from an Orthodox Christian family from Macedonia, but God has never been known in his family. When he was 8 years old, he heard about God for the first time after...
Missionaries, Belize
Dayna serves as a missionary to Belize where she helps spread the Gospel and impact the lives of local youth.
Team members or supporters can contribute towards Bell 06-21 here.
Team members or supporters can contribute towards Schultz 08-21 here.Team members or supporters can contribute towards Schultz 08-21 here.
Team members or supporters can contribute towards team account Conrad 02-22 here.
Projects, Spain
NEXT-TO  is a ministry in Spain  dedicated to serving Christian camps for the growth of local churches across Spain as they work together with church leaders. At present there...
Projects, Ethiopia
As a ministry of Trinity Fellowship Church (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia), the Pastors College seeks to train the next generation of Ethiopian pastors to build their lives, families, and...
Support the Senior Citizen Feeding Program through Global Outreach Haiti.
Missionaries, Uganda
Caralina Gwartney is serving as a Missionary Kid Specialist. She is based in Uganda but coordinates with the Home Office and travels to help support and encourage missionary kids.
Projects, Uganda
Faculty and Staff Retirement Fund. Retirement in Uganda is usually one month’s pay for each year that an employee has worked. This fund is preparing to care for the faithful GTS...
Projects, Uganda
This account pays a variety of Global Theological Seminary expenses, like Farm Supervisors, cooks and watchmen. Giving to this account helps complete work on the GTS property.
Give clean water to the poorest of the poor in Haiti.
Chris and Sheryl Brumley have been missionaries to Haiti with Global Outreach International since 2003. In January, 2016 they took over directorship of the compound and direct all the...
Missionaries, Uganda
Steve and Debbie Nutzmann moved to Uganda in 2018 with the goal to   honor God with Christ-centered businesses, business practices, and a desire to see families thrive and be all...
Missionaries, Croatia
Josip and Kelly Debeljuh, along with their five children, are serving in Zagreb, Croatia. The Debeljuhs moved to Croatia in 2008, and have been building means of outreach through sports...
Missionaries, United States
Greg and Becky Buell serve as Global Outreach staff and missionaries in the United States.
Projects, Uganda
This program is for those who need business training in conjunction with mentoring, discipling and life skills. Our program will partner with students in a long-term relationship of...
Missionaries, Chad
Sem and Eunice Beasnael work and teach at the only Christian institution of higher learning serving French-speaking Central Africa. The school has been equipping leaders who spread the...
Missionaries, France
Mario ministers to people in Europe.
Missionaries, Ethiopia
Michael and Kenean have a deep affection for the Ethiopian people and for the future of the nation. The purpose of their mission to Ethiopia can be summed up in three categories: 1)...
Missionaries, Ecuador
Robin and Wendy Gutierrez serve as administrators at Emmanuel Christian School (Unidad Educativa Particular Emanuel) in Macas, Ecuador, on the edge of the Amazon rainforest. The school...
Missionaries, Ethiopia
Jeremy and Andrea Ireland serve in the Amhara region of northern Ethiopia, focusing on holistic ministry through the practical expression of God's love and sharing the Gospel. 
Look Unto Jesus Ministries is launching a pastoral training school. Read more about their efforts.
The Bells work in Asia and across the globe training pastors and equipping the next generation.  
Missionaries, Alaska, United States
Eric and Katrina Rozeboom have been serving with Alaska Village Missions since 2005. Eric is the president of Alaska Bible Institute, a tuition-free Bible college that trains and equips...
Missionaries, India
Helen works with Look Unto Jesus Ministries. She can't publicly disclose the specific location and nature of her ministry for security reasons. She urgently needs your prayers and support.
Missionaries, Slovakia
Since 2012, Michelle has been working alongside a Baptist church, Kresťanské Stredisko, as the youth director. She teaches conversational English in local schools, organizes youth...
Missionaries, Ecuador
Andrea's motto is lifting up the name of Jesus Christ in Macas and Rio Blanco, Ecuador, through Evangelism, Discipleship, and Service. She is working alongside the local church in Macas,...
Missionaries, Alaska, United States
Matt and Maranatha McCarter are missionaries at Alaska Bible Institute.
Missionaries, Middle East
Z Meier is a missionary serving with Global Outreach International.
Team members or supporters can contribute towards Prosser 07-20 here.
Team members or supporters can contribute towards Royal 01-20 here.
J and K H can't publicly disclose the location and nature of their ministry for security reasons. They urgently need your prayers and support.
The Morthas' ministry is undisclosed for security reasons. Please pray for them.
Mission Project Coordinator, Missionaries, Ethiopia
Steadman and Alyssa began their journey with Global Outreach International in 2005 with short term mission trips to Good Shepherd’s Fold Children and Babies Home just outside Jinja,...
Mission Project Coordinator, Uganda
Dave and Julie Ayer and their 8 children spent 7 years in East Africa, both in Soddo, Ethiopia and Jinja, Uganda.  In both places their calling was to engage in compassionate...
 For safety reasons K and F Jones can't mention publicly the specific location or nature of their ministry...but they sure can use your prayers and support!
Missionaries, Uganda
Diana Ferrell is a Global Outreach International missionary living and working in Jinja, Uganda, East Africa. She took over the ministry for retired missionary Dorothy Ferris. The...
Team members or supporters can contribute towards Rhines 01-21 here.
The Freedom Boys Ministry brings the love of Jesus to boys who live on the streets of Soroti, Uganda by advocating and caring for them; by seeking to provide for their spiritual,...
Support Fazekas Ministry through GO missionary Michelle Akavuti.
Projects, Uganda
Ferrell Discipleship & Training teaches helpless women life and work skills.
Eduardo and Sara are missionaries looking to return to serving in Denmark, Scandinavia.
Elevate is a micro-loan ministry in Haiti seeking to help families in need.
Hurricane Dorian has just hit the Bahamas, causing major damage throughout the region. Partner alongside the Hughes family as they prepare to serve the people affected in Grand Bahama.
Team members or supporters can contribute towards Arndorfer 05-21 here.
Alpha-Omega Seminary, in Jinja, Uganda, provides theological and pastoral training for men already serving in East Africa. It was founded by GO missionaries Jim and Diane Clair.
Projects, Uganda
Equipping and empowering African pastors is central to planting local churches that are doctrinally sound, self-sustaining, multiplying new churches among the unreached, and making a...
Projects, Belize
Donations here support Dayna's ministry needs for her students.
The Zimmerman project account for teaching job skills to unemployed demographics.
Projects, Uganda
Support the Jacobsens' Mercy Ministries in Uganda.
Support Stephen and Esther's work with Middle East refugees and Middle Eastern churches.
This is where churches can make or begin their monthly Global Partners contribution.
These donations support the summer camp run by Spas and Christina Stoimenovi.
Team members or supporters can contribute towards Wedgeworth 05-21 here.
La Misión Palermo is strategically located in one of the most affluent neighborhoods of the city of Buenos Aires, where less than 3% of the population know the good news of Jesus....
We are a small band of mamas and daughters SET FREE by the love of Jesus Christ.  We desire to see women around the globe SET FREE from the bonds of poverty and slavery.  We...
Team members or supporters can contribute towards Chapman 08-21 here.
Team members or supporters can contribute towards Carson 07-21 here.
Missionaries, Mexico
Roberto  and   Esther  are native from Ecuador. They met  and  worked together at Camp Chacauco, where they got married in May of 2009. They served alongside...
Missionaries, Ecuador
The Yancey family serves in Patate, Ecuador with the PESCA foundation.
Missionaries, Uganda
Catherine serves as an elementary teacher at Good Shepherd’s Fold International School in Uganda. The school provides education for the children of the missionary families of Good...
David and Amanda can't publicly disclose the specific location and nature of their ministry for security reasons. They urgently need your prayers and support.
Projects, Uganda
These donations support various ministry needs at Good Shepherds Fold in Uganda.
Dave and Meredith Alexander and John, Josiah, and Jacob serve at Hospital Loma De Luz, located on the northern coast of Honduras near Balfate, Colon. Dave is a general surgeon and serves...
Projects, Uganda
The Ambassador Fund goal is to raise $510,000 for Good Shepherd’s Fold by the end of 2021 to holistically build thriving families and transform communities for Christ!
Missionaries, Germany
Fred and Linda McRae have served in Germany since 1986. Previously their work was in the Rhineland-Pfalz helping with church renewal and ministering also in church planting. Currently,...
Projects, Uganda
Ekisinga Water was born to provide solutions that brings safe water to everyone, whether they live in a city or rural village.   Your donation will help bring clean...
Projects, Uganda
This account makes coming to GTS affordable for most church leaders. The cost for each student to attend GTS for a 4-week term is about the equivalent of $100 while on campus....
Projects, Ethiopia
WRAPS stands for "washable, reusable, affordable pads." Your donations help Ethiopian girls & women stay in school through their menstrual cycles (rather than stay at home, which is...
Missionaries, Mexico
Robert and Deanna are serving in orphan ministry in Mexico.
Mission Project Coordinator, Ecuador
Shiloh's passion is to disciple, equip, and teach women the Bible, with a focus on showing them how to study God's Word on their own. She believes this ministry is vital in that God will...
Missionaries, Japan
Mark and Harumi Kane work with Rev. and Mrs. Hisashi Hattori in Nagoya, Japan, at Fujigaoka Church. This involves student ministry, Bible studies, preaching, mother’s circle,...
David and Judy Heady have been missionaries to Haiti since 1983. Before coming to Haiti as career missionaries, the Headys lived in Owensboro KY and owned an electrical company as well...
Missionaries, Netherlands
Rob and Lisa MacEwen are committed to building Christ-centered leaders to accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
Missionaries, Nicaragua
Since March of 2014, we have been living and working in Bluefields, a small town on the east coast of Nicaragua. There are no roads between most of the villages here, so transportation...
Missionaries, Uganda
Mark and Amy Gwartney serve at Good Shepherd's Fold in Uganda. GSF is now a multi-faceted ministry sitting on 100+ acres of land which is a place of refuge for many hurting people in...
Missionaries, Ethiopia
Amy and Kurt are actively planning to move to Ethiopia in August 2017 in order to serve at Soddo Christian Hospital.
Missionaries, Argentina
Marcelo is a church planter and the senior pastor of La Misión Church in Buenos Aires, Argentina. La Misión has 5 congregations in distinct neighborhoods of the city that...
Missionaries, Uganda
Daniel and Corinne live and work at Good Shepherd’s Fold (GSF) in Jinja, Uganda.
Missionaries, Ecuador
Jonathan will live and work primarily in Ambato, Ecuador teaching English in local churches as a means of outreach and evangelism to their local communities. 
Missionaries, Alaska, Uganda
The Napiers arrange their life around the purpose of bringing glory to God by EQUIPPING native pastors, MULTIPLYING the efforts of native-led churches, and SERVING the hurting masses....
Mission Project Coordinator, Honduras
Through teams and ongoing projects such as feeding centers and scholarship programs Renan and Nita hope to reach the lost for Christ and encourage the local Honduran church to evangelize...
Missionaries, Costa Rica
Many pastors in the developing world are under-trained. They have the heart to serve the Lord and shepherd their flocks, but they lack the training necessary to teach and lead. Most of...
Missionaries, Kenya
I am located in Malindi, Kenya since October 2014. Prior to arriving here, I was in Uganda for seven years at the Jinja District Hospital Surgical ward from 5 January 2008 until October...
Missionaries, Angola
The medical ministry in Angola is centered at the Centro Evangelico de Medicina do Lubango. General surgeon Annelise Olson provides surgical care while also sharing Christ's love with...
Missionaries, United States
Supporting young women to grow in maturity AND coaching missionaries and ministers.
Missionaries, Bulgaria
The Stoimenovis work in outreach to orphans and children-at-risk in Bulgaria.
Missionaries, Uganda
Sheila’s goal for 2020 is to return to Uganda as a full time missionary and establish a Life Center in Iganga where she and her team will continue to help, love, and encourage...
Team members or supporters can contribute towards Henderson 04-20 here.
Missionaries, Ethiopia
Jordan and Lauren have a love for Ethiopia and a desire to see the Gospel be made known in this country.
Mission Project Coordinator
Misty Bodkins has a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Ball State University and is certified as a Master Facilitator in Healing the Wounds of Trauma Program through the...
Scott and Julia W. can't publicly disclose the location and nature of their ministry for security reasons. They urgently need your prayers and support.
Missionaries, Asia
Dan and Jenny H. can't publicly disclose the specific location and nature of their ministry for security reasons. They urgently need your prayers and support.
O and B C. can't publicly disclose the location and nature of their ministry for security reasons. They urgently need your prayers and support.
Their ministry is undisclosed for security reasons.
Kremi grew up in a Muslim family in Bulgaria, but became a believer in university through the witness of an American missionary by whom she was also discipled. When she graduated God...
L.C.'s ministry is undisclosed for security reasons. Please keep her in your prayers.
Mission Project Coordinator, Bahamas
The Hughes family now serve on the island of Exuma where they share the Gospel through sports ministry in partnership with a local church.
Missionaries, Uganda
Partner alongside Blake as she serves with Good Shephard's Fold in Uganda.
Mission Project Coordinator, Nicaragua
Alberto and Ashley Sandino work as missionaries in Nicaragua where they equip pastors and other Christian leaders.
Good Shepherd’s Fold was established in 1994 with the purpose and primary vision of evangelizing the orphan and destitute children of Uganda with the good news of Jesus Christ,...
Missionaries, United States
Jason serves as the Vice President of Operations at Global Outreach.
Projects, Uganda
Special Projects  is an account for projects not under Diana’s budget for the year. Here she can raise money for a new vehicle, a church building for a pastor, feeding...
Projects, Costa Rica
Please consider donating to help the Folk Family purchase a vehicle so that our ministries in Costa Rica can continue.
This is a ministry project page in support of Marcos Buzzelli.
Team members or supporters can contribute towards Russell 03-21 here.
The Petersons are Regional Directors of Member Care for Africa. Support their work in caring for fellow Global missionaries in Africa.
These donations support child sponsorships through the ministry of Robin and Wendy Gutierrez. Please click "add instructions to the finance office" on the donation form and specify the...
Projects, Uganda
SHIM (Shepherd’s Heart International Ministry) comes alongside Ugandan leaders in the Buvuma Islands to empower them to bring Christ-centered transformation to individuals,...
Projects, Uganda
Support microfinance in Uganda through Bob & Carolyn Jacobsen.
Elevate Sponsor helps students with financial needs attend school and excel in their future academics.
Projects, Ethiopia
Testimony Feeding Center serves orphan and street children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Changing trials into testimonies  through education, medical, nutritional, and spiritual...
These funds are specifically for youth and camp ministry through GO missionary Michelle Akavuti.
Project account for the Zimmerman's immediate vehicle needs.
Mission Project Coordinator, Italy
Larry and Debbie Peck worked as missionaries in Europe for 16 years before starting Rome with Purpose, a Christian study abroad program in Rome, Italy. Students who study with them will...
This account honors the memory of Leland (Sept. 2017) and Arlene (Apr. 2021) Fulks. The funds in this account will be used for their favorite missionary endeavor Global Theological...
These donations support this specific ministry project, the Children's Home, run by Spas and Christina Stoimenovi.
Team members or supporters can contribute towards Rodie 08-21 here.
Missionaries, Mississippi, United States
Blake works with the Global Home Office and is seeking to minister to the Tupelo community. Find out more and how you can help!
An important component of the Rome with Purpose Christian study abroad program are our resident counselors. These spiritually mature young adults serving as resident counselors minister...
Work is an essential part of the vocation that God gave us in creation. Although sin has distorted and brought confusion to our work, God in his infinite grace has set out to restore all...
This hospital ministry fund will be used specifically for projects at CEML such as: purchasing equipment and hospital supplies, subsidizing hospital care for needy patients, hospital...
Missionaries, United States
Leanna is a passionate intercessor and has taught and led in the area of prayer and in-depth Bible studies for more than two decades. She first joined Global Outreach as the...
Support an undisclosed GO missionary couple working with Syrian refugees in Jordan.
Barnabas Camps provide Christ-centered camp experiences for Haitian youth.
Team members or supporters can contribute towards Merithew 09-21 here.
Team members or supporters can contribute towards Merithew 07-21 here.
Team members or supporters can contribute towards team account Tate 01-22 here. Don't click "Start a Fundraising Campaign." Enter your amount in the box at the top and click "Give."
Missionaries, United States
Tom & Sharon joined GO in 2012.  Their areas of ministry are substance abuse recovery, Trauma Healing, and missionary care.