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Global Outreach International


We believe that if you are in Christ, you are on mission, too. While some people are called to serve in overseas missions on a long-term basis, others are called to be a part of this work and to come alongside in various ways. Short-term mission trips provide incredible opportunity for mutual encouragement, spiritual growth, and fruitful partnership between Global Outreach missionaries and the teams and individuals who visit them. We are excited to invite you to partner with us!

Partnership in Mission

We believe the church is the sender. Global Outreach comes alongside to support the local church and missionaries around the world to activate dynamic, interdependent and Holy-Spirit filled partnerships. It is our privilege to partner with you in mission.

Frequently Asked Mission Trip Questions

What is a mission trip?

When you take a mission trip with Global Outreach International (GOI), you are partnering with Global Outreach missionaries around the world. While on a trip, you will be guided and instructed by the missionary host to learn and serve alongside them. Over time, missionaries will often partner together with a church’s short-term mission team to build dynamic and on-going relationships in the community they serve. 

Is a mission trip for me?

A mission trip is another opportunity to open your heart and life to the love of God, as you reach outside your own community context to other nations. For those thinking about going on a mission trip, we encourage you to talk with your local pastor and begin praying about going. More important than having a particular skill is having a heart that is humble and teachable as you enter a new cultural context. Prior mission experience is not required, but rather an openness to allow God to work both in and through you. 

Am I ready for a mission trip?

It is important to have the covering and support of your local church before making plans for a trip. Your Pastor or Mission Director are excellent resources for you to help pray, discuss, and discern your next steps. If you have never been on a mission trip before, it is best to first participate in a trip before leading a team. 

At least 6-9 months before your trip, we encourage you to begin planning logistics such as:

  • Obtaining or updating your passport (your passport must be valid for 6 months past the dates of your trip)
  • Talking with your family physician about any necessary vaccinations
  • Starting to fundraise

What is the registration process?

Once a team leader has communicated with a missionary host to determine dates and confirm plans for the trip, the team leader can then proceed with emailing Global Outreach at [email protected] to initiate the registration process for their team. 

The team leader will be directed to our online registration form. Once the registration has been completed by the team leader, he or she will then receive a fund number and weblink, as well as information on completing the registration process for the team.

Why register with Global Outreach?

Registering with Global Outreach provides us with important details of your trip, such as who is traveling, when and where you are traveling, and what missionary you are visiting. We require all short-term mission teams or individuals traveling to visit Global Outreach missionaries to purchase travel insurance through us.

This provides us with the information we need in the case of an emergency. We are here to serve and care for our Global Outreach missionaries, and for the short-term mission team members who travel to see them.

What is the cost for registration?

Registration is $60 per person.

Why a registration fee? Many mission agencies keep 15-20% of funds used for short-term mission trips. We only charge a one-time $60 registration fee (valid for the entire calendar year).

What is the timeline?

We strongly encourage teams to inquire with Global Outreach and begin the preparation process at least 6-9 months prior to your trip.

All team member registrations are due no less than 45 days prior to your trip, and all funds for the trip are due 30 days before trip.

Role of the missionary

Serves as host to the short-term mission team.

Communicates clearly with Team Leader regarding:

      • Travel dates
      • Registration and required insurance with GOI
      • Important information on country, culture or missionary host expectations
      • Itinerary, ministry plans, ground costs
      • Visa requirements

Prepares for the team while they are in the country:

      • Logistics: transportation, food, lodging
      • Ministry/Activities/Goals for time in the country

Role of the church

The sender. The Team Leader is the identified point person for the team and is responsible for the following:

Holds responsibility and authority to vet team members:

  • Assesses faith, maturity, readiness of team members
  • Responsible for the people they bring on a trip
  • Aware of requirements and expectations of the missionary host

Prepares the team:

  • Spiritually through prayer and shepherding team members before, during, and in de-briefing trip
  • Financially through raising necessary funds for the trip
  • Logistically through overseeing registration and arranging flights
  • Communicates with GOI regarding registration and insurance

Role of Global Outreach

We facilitate the registration process for short-term mission teams and process all funds for the trip. This includes receiving, tracking, and sending funds to the missionary host and receipting for the donor. Our stateside team is here to support team leaders throughout the registration process.  

Because of our 100% pass-through policy for our missionaries, there are no administrative fees taken from gifts made to your short-term mission account. We are a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax-deductible! 

Our partnership with IMG provides exceptional travel insurance coverage at a low cost of $3/day per person. Global Outreach acts as the liaison with the insurance company to help in an emergency and with claims.

Global Outreach works together with the team leader and the missionary host to facilitate a world-class short-term mission experience.